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HAVC Company for sale in the Benelux


HAVC Company for sale in the Benelux

  • Size: Medium-sized
  • Revenue: below EUR 10M
  • EBITDA margin: >10% and around 800K Euro
  • Employees: around 80
  • Established: more than 50 years ago
  • Location of the HAVC Company: Benelux
  • Valuation demands of the owners: The owners will sell for an EBITDA multiple of around 7. Further, the buyer needs to have a clear plan with the company and synergies need to be abundant.
  • Reason for sale: The owners are searching for a strategic buyer that can grow the company further and that sees clear synergies in the product and knowledge of the company. A company sale will happen within the next year
  • #CFIE U096

Overview for the HAVC Company for sale in the Benelux

The owners of a HAVC (Heating, Air Ventilation and Cooling) company are looking for a seriously interested strategic partner that has a high interest in an acquisition. The company has large experience and a good position in the market built up over many decades. The owners are currently looking for an active sale of the company, but only to companies in related fields that have a serious and high interest.

Profile (strategy) for the HAVC Company for sale in the Benelux

This company, based in Benelux, is an innovative player in the field of HAVC (Heating, Air Ventilation and Cooling). The company designs, tests, manufactures and assembles HAVC panels which are used across many industries. Some of the industries that are being serviced are the food industry, mechanical engineering and metal industry. The company also supplies HVAC panels to laboratories. The company has modern and well-equipped facilities, and employs well-trained and highly qualified personnel. The company is also strong in the development of software solutions for domotics and buildings energy management.
Around half of the employees are in the domestic service management and service client installations. These employees service HVAC installations but also support customers with issues, software management and control of operations (cost calculations, etc).

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Activities and products for the HAVC Company for sale in the Benelux

The company designs, manufactures, assembles and services:
  • HVAC panels
  • Measurement and control installations
  • Domotic solutions
  • Regulation systems for HVAC building management solutions (systems are fully web based)
  • Engineering new solutions in the area of HVAC panels and building management solutions

Highlights for the HAVC Company for sale in the Benelux

  • The company for sale is a producer of HAVC panels of high quality
  • The company has a strong position in the field of regulation and software for buildings management. This is an area that has large growth potential for the future
  • The company has modern facilities and well trained and skilled employees
  • The owner are looking for strategic partners in order to take the business many steps further
  • A company sale is planned in the near future

Information for the HAVC Company for sale in the Benelux

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this HAVC company for sale based in the Benelux. If this HAVC company for sale based in the Benelux does not fit your requirements feel free to check for other manufacturing companies for sale in our section manufacturing companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of manufacturing companies please visit the section manufacturing companies wanted.