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Hardware distributor Northern Europe for sale

IT hardware distributor in Northern Europe for sale

  • Size: large companies
  • Location: Northern Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners are not looking actively for sale, but are open to discussions if a really suited buyer occurs
  • CFIE ITS066

Overview of this hardware distributor in Northern Europe for sale

The owners of the hardware distributor in northern Europe are open to the sale of 100% share in the company. The owners are not actively looking for a buyer, but open to speaking if the sale would be of a great benefit for the future of the company. This Hardware Distributor has been active in the IT business for more than 10 years. Through this time, the company have built its good reputation and earned good references from its clients. 

Profile (strategy) of this hardware distributor in Northern Europe for sale

The company for sale is a Northern European IT company founded in more than 10 years ago. Since then, the company has gained experience in IT operations through consulting services, infrastructure solutions for the data center and hardware delivery to the clients. The company is now not only a distributor but rather a complex IT company.

The company combines traditional IT infrastructure, clean cloud solutions, and hybrid solutions. It is the mission of the company to offer scalable hybrid solutions to its clients, with a high degree of security, mobility, freedom of work and access to data. All this, the company is able to perform within the budget.

The company served a lot of well-known clients in the Northern Europe, some of them are large international enterprises.

The company is open to discussions with a long-term investor that can help with expanding the company to new and foreign markets and grow further.

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Main products and activities of this hardware distributor in Northern Europe for sale

The company for sale works in four areas:

  • Client
  • Enterprise
  • Cloud
  • Solutions

For the client, the company is able to provide software and hardware for the office environment, including PCs, monitors, tablets, print, telephony, and accessories. On the software side, the company is able to help its clients with the right software and licenses. On the enterprise level, the company for sale is able to cover IT infrastructure of the data centre including server, storage, network, backup, power, and cooling. The company specializes in single servers as well as large data centers. The company is also able to architect the whole system in the company, advise, implement and roll out components and complete infrastructure solutions, with maintenance and monitoring included. Besides physical hardware, the company also focuses on cloud solutions.

Highlights of the IT hardware distributor company for sale

  • This is an opportunity for buyers that operate in the similar industry sector
  • An Acquisition is a great opportunity to grow further and gain access to clients in the t sector in Northern Europe
  • The company has 10 years of experience in the IT field

Information about this IT hardware distribution company for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this IT hardware distribution company for sale. If this IT distributor company for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to check for other available businesses for sale in the IT sector, or in our section companies wanted in ITS sector.