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Glass manufacturing company for sale

Business for sale

  • The revenue of the manufacturing company is larger than 15m Euro
  • 210 people are employed at the glass making company
  • The business is located in Western Europe
  • Founded: more than 100 years ago
  • The reason for sale: owners are looking for a strong strategic partner that can help to make the company profitable. They are not actively for sale, but open to speak to partners that can add value to the company
  • #CFIE V013

Overview glass manufacturer

The glass manufacturer produces glasses for eating and drinking. The company aims to be creative and innovative. Investments are up to date. Glasses also can be decorated by the glass company. Heavy competition mainly on price has brought the company into a loss making situation. The owners are considering a sale to a partner from the industry from a low cost country.

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Profile manufacturing company for sale

The glass company has a strong brand. Glasses are produced for eating and drinking, renowned for its quality and innovative design. Glasses can be bought by partner shops worldwide, mostly in Europe. The company aims to have a privileged position in the glass industry through creativity and innovation. Recently the company has done an important investment by the construction of a new oven. Clients can be found in consumers, catering, hotels and some others like table art.

Glass products by the company for sale

The glasses are mainly used for eating and drinking. The assortment of glasses produced is wide and deep. The sections which are covered are;

  • Cocktails
  • Hot Drinks
  • Champagne & Wine
  • Softs & Spirits
  • Dinnerware
  • Buffetware
  • Special Spirits

The glasses and bottles also can be decorated. For decorating the company has tailor made solutions. Decoration can go up to 8 colours. Effects like frozen are possible and several other options to decorate the glass.


Highlights manufacturer for sale

If you are looking for a glass manufacturing company for sale in Western Europe this might be an opportunity. This business for sale is attractive;

  • More than a century experience in the glass making industry
  • Recently invested in a modern oven
  • A brand which is famous in its industry
  • Motivated and skilled workforce

Information about this glass company for sale

Feel free to contact us about this glass manufacturing company for sale. If this company is not exactly matching your requirements you might find something in manufacturing companies for sale. We can also help you with M&A market research for the glass industry and find the perfect target which fits your requirements.