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Freight Forwarding Company for sale

The activities of the company

transportation business for sale
  • Land transport
  • Sea transport
  • Air transport
  • Storage and distribution
  • Export cargoes
  • Import cargoes
  • Customs Clearance
  • Bonded Warehouses
  • International Moving services
  • Consolidated cargo services
  • Domestic land distribution services

Company overview

CFIE 6418

Freight forwarding: They are important operators both in sea freight and in air freight
(75% / 25%).

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Bonded Warehouses: They have 300.000 sqft of bonded warehouses in Buenos Aires and
in the southernmost region of Argentina: Ushuaia and Rio Gallegos
(this is a very important industrial area with special tax incentives).

Logistics: They carry out logistic operations for a few first class customers,
such as Carrefour. They have 600.000 sqft of warehouses for this
type of activity located 30 miles from Buenos Aires city.

The company has offices in Argentina, in the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba and Rio Gallegos, as well as in Asunción/Paraguay, Sao Paulo/Brazil and Montevideo/Uruguay.

Shares are in the hands of three shareholders, with 33% of the shares each. They hold top positions in the management. One of them is in charge of Finance and Administration, the other one is in charge of the Sales Department and the third one is the Chairman and in charge of the Operations Department.

The company employs a total of 170 people in Argentina, 5 people in Uruguay, 6 in Paraguay and 12 in Brazil.

Among its main customers we can name:

Arcor, Honda, Austin Powder, Reckitt, Lufkin, Panasonic, Black & Decker, PS International, Carrefour, Newell Rubbermaid, Bridgestone, Hella, Fuji Film, Evialis, Rhodia, Colgate, Rohde & Liesenfeld, etc.

Its revenues were:

The revenu of this company; > 25M USD

EBITDA: 10% - 12%

Distribution of Sales

  • Forwarding approx. 50%
  • Logistics approx. 25%
  • Bonded approx. 25%