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Australian forwarding company for sale

Forwarding company for sale

Transportation business for sale
  • The sales of the forwarding business are above 15M Euro
  • The location of the company for sale is Australia (various)
  • The forwarding company employs > 25 people
  • The acquisition would give the buyer a position in Australia
  • Reason for sale: Strategic partnership with a middle sized forwarder to grow the business further and use the experience of the domestic Australian market. The owner wants to retire at a certain stage
  • #CFIE T200

Overview forwarding company

The forwarding company open for a sale is an Australian based company focusing on forwarding. The business is focusing both on air and sea freight. The company has a good reputation in the market. The company is mainly active in the field of international forwarding. The company is not actively on the market. Get more information about this Australian forwarding company for sale now.

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Strategy forwarding company

The company is focusing on high quality personalized services with a lot of customer support. In this way the company is able to compete in the market against larger players. The strategy is to find a larger buyer that wants to build up a position in Australia. The company open for a sale can be the Australian branch for this buyer and focus on the domestic clients and services to be provided. The company for sale will bring in its own clients as well. In this way the combined company is able to grow the business further.

Services of the forwarding business for sale

The forwarding business can provide all kind of forwarding services in the areas of air and sea. The company has large experience in the international air and sea forwarding industry. Further, it can provide general logistics services. It can support a buyer to grow the business further in Australia. It can help a foreign company to establish a position in the Australian market quickly.

Highlights of the forwarding business

  • The forwarding business has large experience in forwarding
  • A foreign buyer can get a presence in Australia directly with relevant experience and licences
  • The company owner can help in growing the business in Australia further

Information about this Australia based forwarding business

Feel free to contact us for details about this forwarding business for sale in Australia. If you are looking for a freight forwarding company to buy it is good to contact us as we know other available business for sale. Get in touch if you want to be informed about forwarding, transportation or other warehousing and transportation related businesses for sale.