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Food processing and canning company in Eastern Europe for Sale

Company for Sale

  • Revenue: >20 million EUR
  • EBITDA: >1.5 million EUR
  • Location: Eastern Europe
  • Reason for sale: owner is open to an investor or buyer to grow the company further
  • #CFIE FOS060

Overview of this food processing and canning company for Sale

Owners of this food processing and canning company are looking forward to receive offers from prospective buyers. The company manufactures its own branded canned and other gastro products. More than 50 percent of the revenues are from exporting activities so the brand has strong footing in foreign countries as well. 

Profile this food processing and canning company for Sale

This family owned company has over five decades of experience producing high quality products such as jams, sauces, fruit juices and other gastro and canned products. It is among the largest green peas and corn processing companies in the region. 

They export nearly 80% of their products mainly to Europe, but Ukraine, Russia, and post-Soviet countries represent a significant and growing share of exports as well. Over the years, the company established reliable logistic routes in all directions which through they deliver the products to their wholesale and retail partners in an efficient way.

They control the entire production chain, from raw material to processing and packaging to delivery, by which more than 70 different healthy and high-quality products are delivered to their customers.

The company uses advanced technologies that is capable of large-scale production and enables the use of state-of-the-art vacuum and heat sterilization technologies so the products contain no preservatives. 

The company has over hundreds of agricultural partners that they work with. They all operate under strictly controlled conditions, so only freshly harvested raw materials are included in the production. 

The protection of the environment is a top priority for the company. They have one of the country’s most advanced biological wastewater treatment systems. They discharge pre-cleaned wastewater into urban public sewage in accordance with the strictest national and European standards. The remaining sludge is used by a nearby biogas plant.

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Products of this food processing and canning company for sale

The company produces over 70 different own branded jams, sauces, fruit juices, and canned products. For several products such as peas and other delicacies, the raw material is canned within 5 hours after harvesting it.

Highlights of food processing and canning company in Europe

  • This company use art-of-the-state technologies which results in high quality products without any preservatives;
  • The company has an extensive network of farmers which results in high quality and reliable raw material;
  • The company is exporting nearly 80 percent of their products, mainly to wholesale partners.

Information about this food processing and canning company for sale  

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