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RES and Fruit Processing Factories Project for sale

Food company for sale

RES and Fruit Processing Factories Project for sale

  • Bulgaria is the only country, member of EU, on which Moody’s has increased the credit raitings since 2010
  • Net price of industrial electricity is 30% lower than the average for EU27 (Eurostat)
  • Easy access to the markets of EU, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa
  • The lowest corporate and personal income tax for individuals in the EU - 10% flat
  • The second lowest debt in the EU (Eurostat)
  • Infrastructure that is constantly evolving
  • 8th place in the fastest Internet in the world (Bloomberg)
  • CFIE T183

Overview RES and Fruit Processing Factories Project

For sale is an industrial land 15dkas with project for building a factory for fruit and vegetables processing and factory for production of energy from biomass. The plot is situated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – very close to a highway. It has built in infrastructure (asphalt, electricity, water, sewage, street lighting). Both factories have approved technical projects and building permits. The factory for energy has a signed contract with the grid for prices of 200Euro/MWhel.

The project with both factories is prepared for applying on the Rural development program 2014-2020 and will receive 60% grant. There is a business plan ready to be entered in the program as soon as it opens. The price for the whole project, including the land and the permits is 500 000 Euro. There is a possibility for deferred payment till 1 year.

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Strategy RES and Fruit Processing Factories Project

The project could be 60% financed from European Rural Development program 2014-2020.

Services of the RES and Fruit Processing Factories Project

Two production lines. One for fruits. One for vegetables. Four refrigerators.

Factory for the production of renewable energy - 250 KW electric power

The project consists in building 2 factories on an industrial land owned by the company.

  1. Factory for storage and processing of fruits and vegetables. Total area 3 300 sq.m. Height 5m. The processing daily capacity equals 15 tons of raw material.
  2. Factory for energy production from renewable energy sources, which will use biomass (wood waste) to generate electricity and heat. The system will produce energy that will be sold at discounted prices - 200 EUR / MWhel, and produced heat will be used 100% from the processing factory for fruits and vegetables.

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