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Serbian food (beverages) company for sale

Food company for sale

Brewery and juices manufacturer in Serbia for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are around 12m euro annually
  • The size of the beer and juices manufacturer for sale is small
  • The location is Eastern Europe - Serbia
  • The beer and juices manufacturer employs more than 500 people
  • Reason for sale: The owner is looking for a strategic buyer who wants to acquire the business and develop it further.
  • CFIE MDS 001

Overview of the beverages business for sale

The company for sale is a beer and juice products manufacturing business from Eastern Europe is one of few domestic breweries on the market with share of around 5% and good established brand awareness and company operations are placed around strategic market and logistic location. The company manufacturing products beer in different packages, as well as sparkling and non sparkling soft drinks and juices, kvass, beer yeast and vinegar. Current production uses around 1/3 of its installed capacities with possibility to increases total sale significantly as well as increase in product portfolio and new manufacturing lines.

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Profile of the beer and juices manufacturer for sale

The owner of the beer and juices manufacturer in Serbia is interested to sell the company or to the strong strategic buyer or investor which may target regional markets of Western Balkans. With a long standing tradition and history, brand awareness, strategic market location accomplished with skilled know how in turnaround, marketing development tools and investment into new technology and rebranding it is easily possible to increase revenues and become significant regional player. There are opportunities for expansion of the production capacities due to reconstruction of the existing production plants. Even more, the expected growth rate of the local economy is significant and stable, and together with the qualified but low cost labour force.

Products beer and juice production company

The company for sale produces and offers the following beverage products:
  • Classical beers
  • Light beers
  • Russian Kvass
  • Juices
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Dry beer yeast
  • Vinegar

Highlights of the Serbian food company for sale

The food company in beer and juices is an ideal target for a larger player from the industry who wants to get access to the local market.

Top of the highlights are:

  • strategic location of business on the market Serbia
  • established brands on the market
  • there are large growth opportunities
  • possibility to cater regional markets
  • qualified but low cost labour force
  • skilled and motivated personnel

Information about the beverages manufacturer for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this beer and juices manufacturer for sale. If this beverages business for sale does not meet your requirements, feel free to check for other available manufacturing businesses for sale. If you want to look for manufacturing buyers please check the page manufacturing companies wanted. In that case please reach out to us by filling out the contact form on the right side of this page.