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Logistics company for sale in Romania

Overview food logistics business for sale

  • Yearly turnover: approx 20m Euro
  • Employees: > 100
  • Location: Romania
  • #ABR004

Profile Romanian logistics company for sale

The business for sale is organised as a group of companies working as a whole and covering the entire set of activities from import to storage and distribution of food and beverages to retail, modern trade and HORECA of imported and local brands.

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The range of products that the business handles includes alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and food products (canned food, fresh food, spices, oils, dairy, ice ream, coffee and tea etc.)

The Romanian business started its activity over 20 years ago and grew to cover all segments: modern trade, traditional trade and HORECA.

An investment of 10 mEUR was made in 2008 into a new logistics warehouse for distribution activities, with an area of 7000 sqm. and into implementing new integrated operating systems, WMS, ERP and SFA to support activity to the latest standards.

The business for sale has Warehouse Management Systems, ISO and HACCP systems in place.

The business currently operates 6000 m2 of ambient warehouse (approx 10,000 pallets - occupancy rate of 100%) and 6000 m2 of cold storage (approx 10,000 pallets - occupancy rate of 30%). 500 - 600 m2 of office space are available for sales & administration.

A 3rd building is planned and has prepared infrastructure (access, platforms, utilities, including foundation). Approx EUR 1.5 mil is necessary for completion.

Out of the approx EUR 20 mil yearly turnover, EUR 10 mil represents import of food and beverages and distribution to KA, EUR 10 mil represents local brands and distribution to HORECA mainly.

Services food logistics company for sale

The main categories that the food logistics company handles are (both local and imported brands):

  • Food products: Canned food , Oil , Vinegar , Pasta , Antipasto , Dairy , Cheese , Confectionary, Spices, Tea and Coffee, Ice Cream
  • Alcoholic beverages: Whisky , Whisky Cream , Vodka, Bitter , Gin , Cognac , Brandy , Beer , Wine, Champagne , Champagne , Liquor , Rum, Tequila , Other spirits
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Juices, Products for the bar, Water

Investment highlights Romanian logistics business

The strengths of the Romanian business include:

  • Available modern and energy efficient storage on 3 temperature levels (ambient, refrigeration, cold - with high performing cold cells)
  • The logistics hub and services have been developed in 2011 following a significant investment and the cold storage facility it is considered to be one of the most performing in the area
  • Infrastructure in place for a 3rd facility (access, platforms, utilities, including foundation)
  • Performing systems in place and well established procedures
  • Skilled personnel
  • Stable demand exists from the market
  • Available network and structure able to serve the national market

Opportunities that the business offers include:

  • To increase logistic services including cross docking at national level and to expand the ranges of temperatures for these services
  • To develop distribution for fresh food products and for cold products
  • The company is in advanced discussions for 2015 with 2 large prospective Clients: an end-buyer with presence at national level and a potential client for the storage line of business, at national level.
  • The envisaged transaction: asset sales of the warehouses / participation / 100%

Information food logistics company for sale in Romania

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