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Flower farm in Tanzania for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: medium-sized
  • Revenue: approx. EUR 5M
  • Established: more than 10 years ago
  • Location of the flower farm: Tanzania
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking for strategic investors in order to raise capital and gain finances for bank debt repayment
  • #CFIE TSC020

Overview of the flower farm in Tanzania for sale 

The owners of a flower farm based in Tanzania are looking for an investor or a strategic partner in order to raise finances for repayment of bank debt and for further expansion of the company. The shareholders of company for sale is open to receiving offers to the following effect:
  • Minority share acquisition
  • Shareholder loan
In case of share acquisition, the investor would gain a share in the company - up to 49% of equity is available and would be sold to the prospective buyer via capital increase. The shareholder loan would be used for bank debt repayment. Owners are looking for 2 mil. EUR cash investment in case of a capital increase or up to 3 mil. EUR in the case of a shareholder loan.
The owners also do not rule out an option to acquire majority at a later stage in the future.

Profile (strategy) of the flower farm in Tanzania for sale 

The flower company on sale owns more than 40 ha of cut-flower farm under European management. The company has a history of 13 years and currently employs a staff of 1000 mainly female workers.
The European born majority owner took over the first farm in Arusha in 2004 and is currently operating several farms. 40% of shares are held by two local shareholders. Tanzania has the advantage of being politically stable since many years due to its homogenous social structure.
The company is profitable in long-term and reaches more than 15% EBITDA from revenue.

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Activities and products of the flower farm in Tanzania for sale

The primary activity of the company for sale is growing European quality cut-flowers and their export to central Europe. The farm is exporting fair-trade certified cut-flowers (roses) mainly through an established network of whole sellers in the German-speaking markets via nearby African airports.
The company owns the property and other assets with a value of more than USD 5 mil.

Highlights of the flower farm in Tanzania for sale

  • The company for sale specializes in growing and exporting roses to European market
  • The company for sale owns property of 40ha
  • The company offers an investment opportunity in a form of share capital acquisition or a loan

Information of the flower farm in Tanzania for sale

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