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Floricultural companies for sale in Estonia

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CFIE 45-001

Investor is offered to buy two 100% of shares and production land of Estonian two biggest floricultural producers and whole sellers.

Overview business for sale

Two of Estonian biggest floricultural producers and whole sales companies for sale. In total they have around 70% of locally produced flower market share and over 30% of imported flower whole sale market in Estonia. Both production facilities are located 20 km from Estonian capital Tallinn centre and have potential to increase significantly the production area. They are the only two producers that have a all year around flower production capability.

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  • All-year-around over 100 different flower spices are grown in both companies in total.
  • In both factories are produced summer flowers, ample, tulips, daffodils, poinsettia, cyclamen and primroses.
  • In total over 1000 different sales articles are imported (flowers and floricultural goods).


  • Total property area: 12 ha including 4.5 ha of area under buildings.
  • Total greenhouse area: 2.6 ha.
  • One of companies has new big block greenhouses 1.6 ha (five different climate zones) and the other has small greenhouses in total 1 ha (9 different greenhouses with different climate zones)
  • Possibility to increase the greenhouse area up to 4.5 ha
  • Both places have fully automated growing systems (heating, ventilation, irrigation – fertilisation, eclipse system).
  • Infrastructure: in order to minimise production risks, back-up systems have been installed for water supply, heating and electric system
  • In total the average workers is 71 employees (the number of works vary during year).

Key financials Estonian companies for sale

The following financials are summarised numbers. In case of the merger there could be done cost cuts over 400 000€ per year in the opinion of the owners. The production of flowers was started in one of the companies in the end of 2009. Both companies pay rent for the property owners and the production properties are part of the sales target. The flower market is in upwards trend in Estonia

Both companies in combined sell 41% of their own production and 59% of imported goods. The exports are only 9% and all the production is sold in local market. There is a demand from the neighbouring countries and it presumes to increase the production area. Both companies produce almost the same flower types.

Key investment points

  • In combined Estonia's biggest flower producer (60% of Estonian market share) and whole seller (30% of Estonian market share).
  • In case of merger increase of income and cost will lower 400 000 € annually.
  • There is possibility to increase the greenhouse area to 4.5 ha (possibility to build additional 2 ha with approximately 3.4M €; planned additional revenue 2.75 M€ and EBITDA 0.7 M€).
  • The floricultural company for sale has the possibility to increase sales to Finnish and Latvian market and enter Russian market.
  • Modern automated production facilities.

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