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Fleet management software company for sale

  • Revenue: > 2M EUR
  • Employees: > 30
  • Valuation demands: > 5M EUR
  • Location of the Fleet management software company: Spain
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Spain, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS203

Overview of the Fleet management software company in Spain for sale

The company developed a very powerful and low cost fleet management platform of good quality. The enterprise has international operations, but wants to expand in European (Spanish) market. It has a team of 30 people and registers good gross margins (>40%). This might seem a low revenue but for software companies with recurring revenues it has made an attractive start. To achieve his goal of expansion, the owner is looking to any opportunity that could end in attracting a partner, he is open to sell, merge, associate, integrate, etc. The company is mainly interested in a buyer that has good contacts in the Spanish and European logistics industry. The buyer can be an IT company that wants to expand its software offering. Or can be a freight broker firm that has a very large customer base and wants to use the software as a differentiating solution. Or can be anyone that is able to invest in sales and marketing to grow the company’s set-up in Spain and in the European market.


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Profile (strategy) of the Fleet management software company in Spain for sale

The company provides an integrated platform that enables logistics companies to control, optimize and manage their business fleet. The team has extensive experience in consulting and in development of management information systems. It is specialized in software implementation and in creating solutions for web location and fleet management systems using vehicle trackers that help logistics companies in delivery execution, route optimization, orders and safe handling. In its services range, the company provides fleet control activities, defensive driving courses, driving evaluation and psycho-technical training. The fleet management solution was born to provide visibility and supply chain analytics to large shipping and transportation companies from sectors such as Food and Beverages, Oil and Gas, Retail and Utilities. It’s a new generation solution that supports logistics and commercial operations by integrating the fleet tracking management system with safety regulations and fleet programming and routing.
The company’s way of creating relevant solutions is based on the IoT model in which various aspects such as fleets, people, merchandise, forklifts and devices such as equipment, sensors, cell phones, laptops and handhelds are connected to each other and provide localizable information anywhere and anytime. The web based cloud platform created is integrated to multiple devices, satellite operators and corporate systems. It enables the customer team to be flexible, be able to complete localized forms, send instant messages for better decisions and check the place and status of each delivery. The solution has satellite security for fleet control, the fleet has real-time localization due to the integration of different tracking trackers in the vehicles. For a higher security there are also integrated sensors such as panic button, door opening, DVR, electronic lock, valve or drawer opening, etc. The routes are generated and scheduled taking into account potential traffic restrictions. With its fleet tracking solutions, mobile applications and integration services with corporate systems the enterprise for sale helps companies to operate more efficiently and to perform a better customer service.

Activities and services of the Fleet management software company in Spain for sale

The enterprise created a software solution that helps logistics companies to organize their fleet operations in terms of:
  • Fleet Management & Control
  • Route Optimization, Planning & Integration
  • Delivery Execution
  • Road Safety & Documentary Control
  • Analytics

Highlights of the Fleet management software company in Spain for sale

  • The company is active in developing software solutions for fleet management
  • The company provides services such as software implementation, consulting and development of management information systems
  • The owner is open to speak to strategic buyers such as IT software company or freight broker firm

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