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Flavours and fragrances businesses for sale in the Benelux, France and the UK

Profile of flavours and fragrances companies open for a sale

  • Chemicals business for sale Sales: 1m - 5m Euro
  • Location: France, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK
  • Reason for Sale: Future retirement owners or looking for a strategic partner
  • CFIE 8-083

Overview of businesses possibly for sale in the Benelux, France and the UK

The companies are active in the field of flavor and fragrances. We are in touch with various business owners in France, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands that are open to discuss a possible sale of their company mainly for reasons of retirement or for strategic reasons. These companies are not actively on the market but open to speak to the right buyer. Revenues of these companies range from 1 to 5m. We can help serious flavour and fragrance acquirers in the acquisition of similar companies in Europe. We work on a retained, read paid, basis for such projects.


Recieve details about how we can help you with getting info on businesses for sale in the Benelux, France and the UK

Please be aware that we don’t have any sell side mandates for these companies, but for a serious buyer we could keep an eye open in the market or investigate actively. Contact us for more information about these companies that are open for a sale or other available businesses for sale.

Currently, we don’t have any active sales mandate for F&F companies. In case of interest, you can subscribe to the F&F buyers list. By doing this, we can get you informed if a company from the F&F industry comes up. You will be contacted directly in the future if such a company comes up for sale.