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Facility management software company in Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: tiny companies
  • Revenue: <1M EUR
  • Projected revenue in future: 1M to 5M EUR
  • Established: approximately 10 years ago
  • Location of the Security Software Company: Portugal
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking for an investment of 1M EUR to sustain in the development phase of the company
  • #CFIE ITS053

Overview for the facility management software company for sale in Europe

The owners of a facility management company are looking for an investor to buy a share in the company in exchange for an investment into development of the company.
The seller is a company dedicated to the development of integrated continuous monitoring solutions and facilities maintenance management. During the past 5 years, the company has been actively growing its products and solutions and consequently the turnover has been growing by two digits every year.

Profile (strategy) for the facility management software company for sale in Europe

The company has a history of 10 years in developing monitoring systems for healthcare facilities and equipment. At present, the company operates with the concept of having wireless sensors network sending data to a centralized software solution on the web (IoT – Internet of Things), and applies this concept in the healthcare facilities sector, energy monitoring, cold chain monitoring, buildings in general.

The company for sale has currently 13 employees, 7 of them in the development and 6 of them with marketing, sales and management duties. The team of the company is young and composed by highly skilled highly educated professionals with degrees and experience in IT, Marketing, IT Networks and Sales. 

The company is ISO 9001 certified and has developed and implemented a fully customized Work Management System with automated workflows between all departments, inventory and stock management, technology and development, sales, work orders, operations and support and quality management.

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Activities and products for the facility management software company for sale in Europe

The facility management software company for sale has currently 160 active customers and partners in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe.
The company provides a wide portfolio of facility management solutions such as:
  • cloud based facilities monitoring platform
  • solution to monitor temperatures in the transport cold chain using NFC sensors
  • CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) software
Facilities and equipment monitoring market, which includes cold chain, is constantly growing, and the company’s goal for is to increase market share globally, by continuously introducing the newest IoT technologies into the market. The management estimates the company value based on the projected annual profit to be over 20M EUR in 3 years from the investment.

Highlights for the facility management software company for sale in Europe

  • The company is an established player within the facility management software developers
  • The company needs funding for development of their projects
  • The revenue of the company has been growing by two digits every year

Information for the facility management software company for sale in Europe

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