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Engineering company in Slovenia for sale

Engineering company for sale

  • Size: small companies
  • Revenue:  <1 million EUR
  • Location of the company: Slovenia
  • Reason for sale: The owners are in the business for a long time and in the near future, they want to find a successor
  • #CFIE TSC220

Overview of this Slovenian engineering company for sale

The owners of a Slovenian engineering company are open to discussions about selling a stake in their company. The company for sale is well-established in Slovenia and has extensive experience in the business. As the company has access to multiple high-level customers, the company is suited for international industrial groups, or for individual companies willing to acquire a functional engineering firm with a good local market position.

Profile (strategy) of this engineering business for sale

This company for sale is an engineering company specialized in tooling production and manufacturing diversified parts with advanced composite technologies. The company owns a modern 2.000m2 production facility with top-notch equipment and machinery. The financial situation is stable and the company generates positive cash flow.

Currently, the company is serving mainly in the following markets:

  • Boating industry
  • Auto caravan industry
  • Sport industry
  • Airport ground transport
  • Medical transportation
  • Wind Energy industry

The company has a number of valuable customers among global brands in yacht and sport equipment manufacturers.

As a side project, the company has developed own brand, promoting a healthy lifestyle. The company is promoting the brand by sports events, healthy-life oriented marketing etc. The company is well known in the region for its engineering skills and support of healthy and sporty lifestyle. The owners decided to go for a sale of 100% share, but they will consider also offers for a smaller share.

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Activities and products of this engineering company for sale

The company’s main business lays in the design and engineering of products for its clients in order to optimize their production or upgrade their products. Apart from this, the company also produces technologically advanced tools for its clients. The company also produces GRP parts.

Under its brand, the company produces its own products - mainly sports facilities and climbing walls.

The company has a very experienced engineering team with know-how from various industries. This will surely be of high value to potential buyer. The company is able to provide services such as

  • Engineering
  • 3D modelling
  • Moulding
  • Tools
  • Prototypes
  • Hand lamination
  • Vacuum infusion process

The revenue of the company is rapidly growing, current revenue is three times higher than the revenue of 3 years ago. The company generates a profit of approx. 20-50k EUR in the last years. The assets of the company are almost 1 million EUR, the valuation of the company is subject to discussion. 

Highlights of this small engineering company for sale

  • The company for sale is a small Slovenian engineering company in a growth phase
  • The revenue of the company grows rapidly and is forecasted to grow even more  with a current trend
  • The company has a modern set of machinery and a factory with 2000m2 area

Information about this engineering company for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this automotive manufacturer for sale. If this company located in Slovenia does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other companies for sale. We know the M&A business in Europe. For buyers of companies please visit the section companies wanted.

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