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Energy services contracting business for sale

Energy services contracting business for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are above 30M Euro
  • The Ebitda of this energy services contractor is around 3M Euro on average
  • The location is Eastern Europe (Romania)
  • The service provider employs more than 600 people
  • Reason for sale: The owner plans retirement
  • The asking price is above 10M Euro
  • #CFIE T188 RCG

Overview energy services contracting company

Major Romanian Energy Infrastructure Construction and Engineering Services company is looking for a buyer. The company was founded around 2 decades ago and started in the field of electric power equipment and systems installation on a major nuclear power plant site. The company, organized as a joint-stock entity, is now a major, reputed and ISO-certified energy infrastructure construction and engineering services contractor with a spectacular growth across 2010-2012 - mainly fuelled by the wave of local investments in wind energy, having specialized not only in nuclear plants’ electrical systems but also in renewable energy and major energy infrastructure projects.

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The Company provides complete services for electrical contracting, lighting and electrical maintenance, power stations and substations, utility construction, electrical lines, intelligent and control systems, instrumentation, signage, commercial, industrial and domestic electrical installations, wireless networks and fiber optic cabling.

To adapt its strategy to the new renewable energy investment climate, the Company has already created new legal entities across the solar, wind, hydro and gas power segments (for the time being they are not part of the contemplated transaction, but discussions may cover these ones as well as negotiations progress). Apart from the services the Company provides on a regular basis for the nuclear energy facility at Cernavoda – with Nuclearelectrica, its owner, in talks with several investors regarding the construction of two new reactors, many other opportunities exist as the private and public energy players, as well the individual consumers stepping into generating electricity at the point of consumption, initiate their developments. Further business development opportunities exist in the transmission and distribution of energy to consumers (old or no grids, and transformer stations), farmers’ waste energy projects and the cogeneration plants on biogas (obtained from maize, for example), the heavy, and including railway, metro, oil and gas infrastructure, as well as from the smaller clients.

During its history, the Company mastered its strategy to maintain and increase its economic success. Run by a family and a small team of professionals, with ample industry connections and significant years of experience in the sector, the Company is an example for well working delegation and the transformation from a provider of services to a few electrical systems of the nuclear power plant into a major full-service energy infrastructure construction and engineering services contractor.

The high quality services meet the ambitious demands of industrial, public and private clients within the segments of e.g. electricity transmission and distribution, oil and energy, renewable power, transportation, mobile communications or district heating. Although the Company has an “umbilical” connection with the nuclear power plant they service since the early 90s, and major involvement in the development of wind farms of over 170MW and now in the solar, waste and micro-hydro power plants, the broadly diversified customer base makes the Company independent from key accounts. Even if clients may change, the Company has the ability to quickly generate new projects and keep up the flag. Additionally, the loyal and dedicated workforce and professional management are major factors to the sustainable corporate development.

The Owner, at retirement age, has now decided that a future growth path requires a new level of corporate support from the shareholders as well as governance, therefore 100% of the shares are offered for sale - second tier corporate management structure is already in place. He is minimally involved, at present, with attaining new business or providing quotes. While his attention is now focused on agri-business, the Owner may stay for a reasonable transition period (one year, if necessary) with a reduced scope of responsibility and more likely in a strategic advisory role.

Part of a Group, the Company is a full service energy infrastructure construction and engineering services contractor providing a deep array of services for engineering, construction, erection, commission and maintenance, including subcontractor management for complex projects (EPC) and for Electrical, Control and Instrumentation (ECI) equipment and systems.

While the other Group entities have specialized across the development of solar power plants, hydro, cogeneration and biomass micro power plants, and services for agriculture (and are not subject of the contemplated transaction), the target Company has specialized, if we simplify, across: . Electrical, Control and Instrumentation for nuclear and thermal power plants, industrial and civil projects, and wind farms; . Electrical transformer stations, substations, interconnection stations and distribution systems (0.4 KV up to 400 KV); and . Overhead and underground low, medium and high voltage electrical lines, including the metallic structures.

The Company’s main clients include Romanian as well as global blue-chips:

  • Major national and district power and heating companies, such as Nuclearelectrica (owner of the Nuclear Power Plant at Cernavoda), Termoelectrica and Radet;
  • National and regional companies for electricity transmission and distribution, such as Transelectrica, Electrica, ENEL and EON;
  • Major oil companies, such as Rompetrol - part of KazMunayGaz, and Shell;
  • Major wind power producers, such as ENEL Green Power and Energias de Portugal;
  • National or district transportation companies such as the Romanian National Railway Company – SN CFR, Constanta Black Sea Harbor, the Bucharest’s Subway Company - Metrorex, Bucharest’s Heating Authority - Radet
  • Communication companies, such as Mobifon, Mobilrom, Cosmorom, Telemobil,

Profile (strategy) of energy contracting services company for sale

The business is looking for a sale to a larger strategic player to strengthen the business and grow it further. The Company provides engineering, procurement, erection, installation, commissioning and maintenance in the following areas: communication systems; lighting and grounding systems; public, ornamental and architectural lighting; electrical tests and measurements; sanitary, thermal and air conditioning systems; manufacturing of electrical and control cabinets/panels and of various metal standardized or non-standardized parts and components required for erection and installation; and procurement of all the required equipment and materials.
The Company implemented the Total Quality Management System based on the Romanian national applicable standards, ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2005 and OHSAS 18001/2007. They possess all the permits, licenses and authorizations required for the scope of work, including those issued by the National Commission for the Nuclear Safety, the National Regulatory Body for the Pressure Vessels or the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority.

Services of energy contracting supplier

The company for sale is active in services for renewable energy suppliers. In densely populated cities or in rural areas, the Company offers services in all types of terrains and locations. Their approx.600 employees are highly qualified and dedicated, and there are over 70 engineers, engineering supervisors, master electricians, numerous technicians, hundreds of skilled professionals and auxiliary personnel overall. A permanent training program for improvement of qualifications, skills, quality and even culture is in place.

Highlights company for sale

The energy services contractor for sale has various highlights like:

  • Highly skilled and trained workforce
  • Opportunity to invest in a unique Romanian business and geographical expansion
  • Opportunity to capitalize on increased demand in the(regional) renewable energy market and energy infrastructure;
  • EU and ISO-certified platform to enter or expand into the EU and regional markets
  • Strategically positioned
  • Company has strong, excellent reputation both as general and/or sub-contractor with an extensive scope of services;
  • Genuine market leader in electrical contracting for nuclear power plants;
  • Reputed project developer in wind power, with track record of c. 179 MW
  • One of the very few local companies that provide quality turnkey project management across all its operating areas;
  • Majority of contacts with Romanian or global blue chips spread across multiple years;
  • Strong pipeline of contracts to be executed years ahead
  • Significant repeat and referral business; 50+% of business is underpinned by multi-year contracts

Information about energy services contracting company

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this investment opportunity. If this renewables related business for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other available businesses for sale in this industry.