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Energy industry engineering and consultations company for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: small companies
  • Revenue:  4-7 million EUR
  • EBITDA: 300.000 EUR
  • Location of the company: Slovenia
  • Reason for sale: The owners of the company are wishing to play an active role within the energy transition process, therefore they are looking for stronger partner
  • #CFIE TSC239

Overview of this energy industry solutions company for sale

The owners of a Slovenian energy solutions company are open to discussions with strategic investors for participation in capital increase that could include acquisition of majority equity share of the company. The company has grown from 1 million EUR revenue 5 years ago, currently, the company generates revenue between 4-7 million and stable EBITDA at around 300 ths. EUR. The company is suited for international industrial groups, or for individual companies willing to acquire a functional engineering firm with a good local market position.

Profile (strategy) of this energy industry solutions company for sale

This company for sale is a well-established IT and consulting company, specialized in the provision of advanced software solutions for companies in the energy industry. The company is mainly engaged in the field of providing solutions for companies engaged in transmission and distribution of electric power. The company was established in 1980s in one of the largest cities of Slovenia.

The company has extensive expertise in primary & secondary systems in energy plants, such as:

  • Power plants (Hydro, Thermal & Gas)
  • Transmission and Distribution Substations
  • Supervisory and Control Facilities o
  • Industrial Power Systems o LPG and Oil Warehouses o Renewables

In addition to classical energy services (project design, engineering), the company's potential lies primarily in advanced IT solutions that relate to the network and are related to data processing and optimization of operations.

Currently, company management seeks capital for further expansion of the foreign market. The company is currently in the discussions with the complementary company of comparable size, working in the engineering field – the capital increase gained from the investor would be used for the merger of both companies. The merger would increase the profitability of the company due to a series of synergies. 

The largest part of the revenue is stemming from engineering services, followed by automation and IT projects. A significant portion of sales also comes from the preparation of documentation for client projects.

The company has an experienced team of engineering experts (15–20). The company employs experts from the field of power engineering, IT, with both high-level management and technical experience. Experienced professionals provide competitive and high-quality engineering services

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Activities and products of this company for sale specialized in solutions for the energy industry

The company has successfully carried out over 500 projects encompassing a wide range of engineering services. Their expertise end execution excellence is focused on power plants, transmission and distribution substations, supervisory and control systems, industrial power and energy solutions. The company has carried out multiple types of projects with a wide range of specializations, including:

  • research and project and technical documentation
  • software development services
  • integration of control systems
  • engineering 
  • project development etc.

The company for sale is a holder of multiple quality certificates, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 27001:2013. The company has a long track record in the industry and relationship with its clients as a reliable engineering partner. 

The company activities and operations are very profitable. In next years, the EBITDA is projected to reach approx. 0,3 million EUR.

Highlights of this company for sale specialized in the energy industry

  • The company has many competitive advantages in European markets that could be offered to a strategic partner
  • The company is solution-based and is focused on solving complex problems with the use of the latest technologies
  • The company is familiar with system demands in the Slovenian energy industry, as well as the technological and economic characteristics of Slovenian plant functions
  • The company has long-term partnerships in the Slovenian energy industry

Information about this energy solutions industry company for sale

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