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Electronics company for sale

Business for sale

  • The electronics company has an revenue from 1m – 5m euro
  • The business for sale is located in Northern Europe
  • >80 People are employed
  • Founded in the nineties
  • The reason for sale:  the owners want to retire
  • #CFIE V012

Overview electronics company

A fast growing electronics company for sale in Northern Europe. Manufacturing and assembling of electronics are the main activities. The company produces quality products and has a strong customer focus.  If you are looking for an electronics company for sale this might be an opportunity

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Profile electronics manufacturing business for sale

Manufacturing of electronic products for technical purposes and the manufacturing of medical devices are the main activities. The company is also involved with LED lightening. Products are exported to several neighbouring countries and the company has a leading position in its market. The electronics firm develops constantly, has flexible prices, high quality products and an individual approach to each customer which assures them an advantage in the European market.

Services and products in electronics

Mainly the company is involved with electronics manufacturing and electronics assembling;

  • Designing and development of printed-circuit-boards, preparation for manufacture and manufacture of PCB’s is done by the electronics company for sale
  • Mounting of electronic blocks and high-quality adjustment, including SMD mounting.
  • The electronic business manufacturers medical devices and assembles electro-mechanics systems.
  • Development and introduction of new electronic products under specific aims of the customer with application of microcircuits specially developed and made for it.

Highlights electronics company  for sale

If you are looking for an electronics business for sale in Northern Europe this might be a perfect target. Year by year the revenue is increasing what makes this target a solid investment. Highlight to buy this company for sale in Northern Europe are:

  • Since 2012 the revenue increases by large numbers
  • Skilled employees in an enterprise with more than 20 year experience in electronics
  • Exports to several neighbouring countries
  • Relevant ISO certifications available
  • Leading market position in its region                      

Information about this electronics business

Feel free to contact us about this electronics company for sale in Northern Europe. If you are looking for an electronics business to acquire and this profile is not suited feel free to contact us for other companies for sale. We can also help you with M&A market research for the electronics industry.

Due to reasons of confidentiality we can not publish the country of this electronics business for sale. As it is located in Northern Europe this includes the countries: Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and northwest Russia.