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Electronic vehicle manufacturer

Automotive business for sale

Electronic vehicle manufacturer for sale

  • Status: Prototype developed, first sales done
  • Investment amount: 6M Euro
  • #CFIE U070
  • Location: Benelux
  • Reason for investment: The company needs an investment to bring the company to market

Overview electronic vehicle manufacturer

A Benelux based producer of an electronic vehicle and motorcycle is looking for an investment in the business. Get more information about this Benelux based electronic vehicle developer looking for investors now. The electronic vehicle manufacturer is the owner of all intellectual ownerships, including the brand name, patents, domain names, etc. The mission of the vehicle manufacturer is to deliver specific electric powertrains to the high segment in the automotive branch. The company wants to do this in the niche market for metropolitan distribution vehicles, the high-end sport vehicle segment and the transportation for disabled/elderly people and last mile distribution. The mission of the another unit within the electronic car manufacturer is to put a completely new, electric, safe and modern vehicle in the market that is designed for disabled persons. In the Benelux this is a niche market, intended to offer mobility to the disabled people, who are not required to have a drivers license.

Profile (strategy)

The company is a developer of an electronic vehicle (e-vehicle). The prototype has been developed and the first batch of vehicles has been sold. The business now needs further investment to produce a larger number of vehicles. The product is of high quality and the entrepreneurial team has large experience in the market. The vehicles that are developed can be used for a ‘last mile solution’, delivery of parcels, goods etc. According to the Benelux Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) the automobile industry remains committed to contributing its fair share towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions, namely through fuel-efficiency technologies (eg. variable valve timing, turbocharging, stop-start systems and direct injection technology) and continued investment into alternative powertrains. Even when faced with flat or declining sales, the automobile industry has delivered huge environmental improvements, and will continue to do so.


Unfortunately this company has been sold, but feel free to reach out to us so we can find you a similar company for sale.

Activities and or products electronic vehicle manufacturer

The company is working to produce electronic vehicles in a larger quantity and different type of models. The company it has developed is a 100% electric (no emission), more modern, stronger & bigger electronic vehicle. Besides the “vehicles-market” this car can easily be transformed to a last miles solutions vehicle for (small) packaged and goods delivered in de city’s. In all the big city’s throughout Europe pollution is a huge issue. For 100% electric transportation vehicles. the market for this is endless. There are already more than 50 vehicles sold.

Highlights electronic vehicle manufacturer

The company has developed an own electronic vehicle that is of a high quality. There is a large demand for electronic vehicles of this type. These are the highlights of the electronic vehicle:
  • Benelux developed professional vehicle
  • Easy to produce in small series
  • Different versions with 1 model
  • Benelux brand (although made in China)
  • Range extending possible (up to 200 km)
  • 100% electric

Information electronic vehicle manufacturer

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about electronic vehicles manufacturers that are open to discuss a sale of shares to investors to grow the business further. Fill out contact form (get in touch). For another electronic car manufacturer for sale in Germany please visit the page: electronic car manufacturer for sale.