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Electric car manufacturer Germany for sale

Electric vehicle manufacturer for sale 

  • Investment amount: by agreement
  • #CFIE MAS092
  • Location: Germany
  • Reason for investment: The company needs an investment to start production runs

Overview of this electronic vehicle manufacturer

A German based producer of an electronic vehicles is looking for an investment in the business so it can start with mass production. The producer has more than 3 vehicle models ready for sale with design which is protected by European patent. Get more information about this German based electronic vehicle developer looking for investors now. 

Profile (strategy) of this electronic vehicle manufacturer

The company is a designer and producer of prototypes of an electronic vehicle. The inventor and founder of the company has been developing the prototypes for more than 15 years and conducted development in various countries like Malaysia, United States, Australia, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands or Iran. The company focuses on electric vehicles of small and compact sizes (1-2 passengers). The owner has so far presented the company’s intelligent electric vehicles and Intelligent Charge stations in various countries of the world.

The company has during the development phase produced more than 15 prototypes which were successful. The final prototype has zero noise and zero air pollution. Currently, the company has more than 3 models with own design ready for sale.

One of the company’s supplemental R&D projects is an innovative charging system capable of delivering the required energy to the vehicle in three to five minutes in a completely robotic fashion. The ecosystem uses two methods to reach its goal of providing energy:
  • an exchange battery system in 2-3 minutes.
  • a charging system resulting in 80% 0f batteries charge in 5-15 minutes
The final porotype is protected by European patent. All of the prototypes have a futuristic design and are small and light. The business now needs further investment to produce a larger number of vehicles. 


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Products of this electronic vehicle manufacturer

The most recent prototype of the company seeking an investor features following characteristics
  • solar Battery powered electric vehicle
  • Top speed: 80 km/h
  • Driving range: 200 km
  • Battery: lithium ion-72V 
  • Solar Energy: 100W
  • Charger: on-Board Charger
  • Charging Method: Plug-in System & Robotic 
  • Charging SystemCurb weight: 165 kg
The company is working to produce electronic vehicles in a larger quantity and different type of models. 

Highlights electronic vehicle manufacturer

  • The company develops futuristic electric vehicles of high quality
  • The company has European patent protection on their design
  • The prototypes are the outcome of 16 years of development
  • The company is looking for an investor to start production runs

Information electronic vehicle manufacturer

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this German based manufacturer of electronic vehicles that is open to discuss an investment in exchange for shares to grow the business further. Get in touch with us or view section with other manufacturing companies for sale in our database.