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e-commerce company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale

e-commerce company for sale

  • The e-commerce suite provider for sale has sales of less than 5m Euro
  • The company is located in the UK
  • The online e-commerce suite company has less than 10 employees
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder is looking for a strategic buyer that has a large number of SME customers to which its e-commerce platform can be sold
  • #CFIE T232 (owner is open to test the market for a business sale)

Overview of software developer of an e-commerce suite

A software developing company has build a high quality e-commerce platform for SME’s. It has a proven high quality solution and is open for a strategic buyer that can leverage this solution to a larger number of SME clients. Further, it is also open for a strategic buyer that has financial resources to invest further in the development of the e-commerce platform to extend it’s functionality.

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Profile (strategy) of e-commerce suite provider

The company offers an e-commerce suite for SME’s to build online shops to sell their products. The strategy of the company is focus on SME’s and provide a tailor made platform. The company is open for a buyer that has access to a large number of SME’s that can use this e-commerce suite.

Activities online e-commerce suite

The cloud infrastructure is completely set-up to improve the online the sales of online retail shops. The company offers a high quality solutions which stands out due to the following reasons:
  • Back office integration (stock providers, ERP like SAP and SAGE are a few examples)
  • Cloud or hosted solution
  • Scalable solution
  • High quality support
  • Licence or SaaS monthly subscription
The suite of this e-commerce provider helps SME’s to build an online sales channel.

Highlights of online e-commerce suite

The company has set-up a first class cloud suite for e-commerce retail shops. This opportunity can be interesting for larger players with many SME’s as clients that want to grow their offering. Hence, we ask your attention for the highlights of this investment opportunity:
  • New generation of e-commerce suite
  • Small and flexible software developer for e-commerce suite
  • E-commerce platform of high quality
  • Position in a fast growing market of online shopping

Information on software developer of online shops

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this software developer for e-commerce shops open to discuss a sale of the business to a strategic buyer that has a large SME customer base. Fill out contact form (get in touch).