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Ecological commercial skylight company for sale

Ecological skylight investment opportunity

  • Game changing skylight that reduces light energy consumption enormously
  • Unique commercial skylight that uses additional heat for free
  • Uses 95% of the light spectrum (vs. 43% used by traditional skylights)
  • The location of the investment opportunity is Europe and the US
  • The licences for commercialization have been received
  • 1,5M Euro investment needed to bring the design the product and bring it to market
  • #CFIE T202

Overview solar skylight company

Corporate Finance in Europe is in touch with an unique product to be brought to the market by a small renewables player. The company has an exclusive license to develop and commercialize a unique commercial skylight, the only skylight that uses 95% of the light spectrum (vs. 43% used by traditional skylights) by controlling visible light and heat independently. No other skylight exists that has this capability, plus it is only 5% the size of a traditional skylight.

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A Game-Changing Energy Savings, the companies concentrated solar skylight will reduce lighting energy costs by up to 60%, plus captured heat is used for “free” for hot water or air heating or cooling. It also provide green building energy credits for daylighting and use of light level controls.

Strategy and plan solar skylight developer

The company is currently in search of an investment of 1.5M Euro to develop the skylight over a one-year period. The product will generate a positive revenue stream within two years. The company has a strong team. The management has deep product development experience with a proven method for success. They will drive activities related to skylight development, and leverage an extensive partner network for manufacturing, distribution and installation.

Product of the solar skylight investment

The company has the only energy solution that targets the three main commercial energy requirements via one solution (a solar concentrating commercial skylight). This technology, exclusively licensed from Univ. of California, San Diego, enables the skylight to accomplish three unique objectives:

  1. Free lighting from sunlight that displaces artificial lighting fixtures when the sun is shining
  2. Free heat from sunlight that drives air heating or hot water
  3. Free heat that drives air conditioning or refrigeration (Heat is used to provide air conditioning and refrigeration in some types of systems, replacing expensive grid peak demand energy).

Highlights of the solar skylight

  • Uses much more of the available sun light to reduce lighting costs
  • Generates additional heat for warming water or other sources
  • A true a simple energy saver for the commercial market

Information about this renewables opportunity

Feel free to contact us for details about this renewables energy saving opportunity in the skylight area. If you are looking for further renewable investment opportunities it is good to contact us as we know other available renewable investment opportunities. A phone call is also suitable (+31-6-24629234) if you want to be informed about renewable investment opportunities.