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Customized E-book reader distributor

IT or ICT business for sale

Customized E-book reader distributor company Western Europe for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are above 2M Euro
  • The location of the E-book distribution company for sale is Western Europe
  • The required amount of funding is around 3M Euro
  • Reason for sale: The owner is looking for a strategic and financial partner that can help the Ebook reader distribution company to grow into a strong player for the market of E-books. The first need is working capital to grow the sales
  • CFIE ITS508

Overview Customized E-book reader distributor for sale

This company founded more than 10 years ago with offices across the globe produces mobile device platforms, including Smartphones, eReaders and tablets that are customized and adapted for a large range of customers (corporate and private). The company hereby customs brands and customized devices from order volumes starting at a few thousand pieces. The company looking for an investor is a technology company that designs, builds and markets mobile device platforms. Examples of products can be open source smartphones with features such as incorporated GPS or emergency buttons. The company is strong in producing fully customizable interfaces. For its new products an expanded production and sales-channel effort will be required to meet increased demand. The company adds value to their customers through open customizable product platforms that can be adapted and customized to a variety of purposes depending on a customer’s needs and requirements.

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Profile (strategy) of customized E-book reader distributor for sale

The business is looking for a sale to a larger financial or strategic player to strengthen the business currently mainly in the area of working capital. Together they can grow the business further. The company for sale offers it’s clients innovative mobile communication systems and modern reading devices. These devices fulfil the practical needs of business users. The company is strong to adapt products and solutions flexibly to individual customer needs. Get more information about this e-book supplying company in Western Europe now.

Customized E-book reader distributor for sale

The Western European E-book reader distribution company for sale is active in the manufacturing of customized e-books or other mobile devices. The company differentiates itself via items like:
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Performance

Highlights Customized E-book reader distributor for sale

The e-book supplier for sale in Western Europe has various highlights like:
  • Strong experience with customization of e-books
  • Large network in the publishing industry (book chains)
  • Opportunity to expand the sales with the current requests for it’s products

Information about Customized E-book reader distributor in Western Europe for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this distributor and value added manufacturer of e-books. For other ICT companies for sale please visit the section ICT companies for sale.