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E-shop focused on health supplements for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales of the translation company for sale: approx. 3 million EUR
  • EBITDA: approx. 120.000 EUR
  • Indebtedness: No debt
  • Asking price (negotiable): 1.3 million EUR
  • Location of the company for sale: Czech Republic
  • Employees: approximately 15-20
  • Reason for sale: the owners have personal family reasons to sell their e-shop
  • #CFIE ITS506

Overview of this e-commerce company in the Czech Republic for sale 

The subject of sale is a company engaged in retail and wholesale of sports and health supplements, but also fitness accessories. It is an established e-shop, operating on the Czech market for almost 10 years, having a significant position on the market and serving tens of thousands of customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia every year.

Profile of this e-shop in the Czech Republic for sale

The company owns domains for the Czech and Slovak e-shop, but also for Bulgaria, France, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Spain and trademarks for CZ and SK. More trademarks are currently being filed for expansion. Convenient contracts with suppliers and carriers are also important. The e-shop itself, which is made to measure, has a great value. E-shop is fully interconnected with accounting and warehouse system, operation and functions are made to measure so that everything could work automatically. Perfectly sophisticated ordering system, for the efficient ordering of goods from suppliers (currently over 60 suppliers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, NL, HU, PL), fully automatic shipping (from customer order creation to shipping without the need for operator intervention). Warehouse works with the help of barcodes when the goods are stored immediately upon receipt. The information system also offers convenient and efficient management of the customer centre.

The company operates in rented premises. It is a storage hall and administrative space with a total area of 900 m². The total land area is 1 700 m².

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Activities and services of this e-shop in the Czech Republic for sale

The company has developed a complete marketing plan for 6 months in advance and a development plan is elaborated 2 years in advance. Expansion to Hungary, Poland and Romania (2Q 2020) is ready, followed immediately by expansion to Austria and Germany (4Q 2020). E-shop also works as a wholesale supplier for fitness trainers, fitness centres, or other e-shops. As the only company on the market, the company has sophisticated dropshipping, where it has the vision to become a dominant supplier for new e-shops, with high-quality services in the area of dispatching food supplements. Of course, there are also active social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The company employs 17 employees. The owner himself takes care of the management of the company, arranges interviews and recruitment of new employees, and organizes the operation of the company. He also partially participates in marketing and e-shop development.

The owner is willing to stay in the company after a sale for a certain period of time and to participate in marketing and e-shop development.

Highlights of this e-shop in the Czech Republic for sale

  • The turnover of the company has grown from 2 million EUR to 3 million EUR in 3 years
  • The company has more than 10 years of history and a stable market position
  • The company owns multiple domains in many countries (SK, CZ, DE, PL, BG, FR, IT, HU) and inventory worth approximately 0.3 million EUR

Information on this health supplements e-shop in the Czech Republic for sale

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