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E-mobility and infrastructure company looking for capital infusion in Poland

Company for sale

  • Revenue: <2 million EUR
  • Location: Poland
  • Capital infusion needed: <2 million EUR
  • Reason for infusion: the owners are looking for investors or buyers to expand this project
  • #CFIE TRS191

What is a Hyperloop project?

Hyperloop is a project of high-speed vacuum train for passenger and freight transportation. Through this project, passengers or cargo is loaded into a Hyperloop vehicle then it is transported via electric propulsion within a low-pressure tube. This new mode of transportation is quicker, safer, and cleaner as the Hyperloop is 100% electric. 

Overview of this e-mobility and infrastructure company in Poland 

The company is based in Poland and currently developing an autonomous cargo transportation and handling system prototype based on a unique version of this Hyperloop technology. The propulsion and suspension of the system will be completely custom made to reduce costs of development, construction, and operation. Currently the company is concentrating on developing feasible cargo transportation on the shortest possible routes and is in discussion with several partners from various sectors who is interested in this technology. 

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Why Poland is a unique place to invest in a Hyperloop project 

Poland is an ideal country for a Hyperloop project for several reasons. The environment for innovation is superior, as there are several national programs dedicated for innovative and capital intense ventures like this. Geographically is also good, as the country is fewer than 1500 kilometres wide in any direction. This is the perfect size, as the longer the distance the more economical to fly rather than develop any other alternative method of transportation. Lastly, Poland does not have a large number of high-speed rail options, so competition is mild. 

Highlights of this e-mobility and infrastructure company in Poland 

  • Team of specialists; the crew consists of internationally recognized award winner experts in this field;
  • Available national grants;
  • Favorable environment for such project.

Information on this e-mobility and infrastructure company in Poland 

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this e-mobility and infrastructure company in Poland looking for capital infusion. For more companies for sale in transportation industry please visit the section companies for sale. Please do get in touch with our experts if you are seeking to sell your business in Europe. To see buyers of transportation companies please visit the section companies wanted.

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