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E-Health technology company for sale

  • Sales: <1M EUR
  • Investment required: 2-5M EUR
  • Location of the company: Germany
  • Reason for sale: The owners of this healthcare/IT company are looking for an investor to accelerate the growth of the company
  • #CFIE ITS504

Overview of this E-Health technology company in Germany for sale

The management of a German-based technology/healthcare company decided to look for financial investors in their company. The company has already received funding from more than 3 venture capital funds and currently, they are looking to accelerate growth and fuel the commercialization phase with another strategic or financial investor.

Profile of this E-Health technology company in Germany for sale

The company looking for an investment is a development stage company, currently at the beginning of commercial launch of an innovative product – insulin-dependent diabetes management system. The company is research and development-driven, with a focus on digital technology, fields of e-health technologies, and tele diabetology.

The company funded its development stage with venture capital investors. Currently, the revenue of the company is negligible, that is the reason the company seeks funding for the commercialization of its product. After commercialization, the revenue is projected to soar – more financial information is available upon request and signed NDA.

The system is tested only in Germany, but it is ready to be scaled globally – for this, a potential acquirer with relevant healthcare market access will be ideal. The parts of the system are protected by international patents, which cover the insulin pen, insulin adapter, and the whole system.

The company is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

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Products and services of this E-Health technology company in Germany

The product of the company seeking investment is a patent-protected, digital insulin pen. This product is first in kind, integrated within a digital system that aggregates data from connected devices to provide information to remotely monitor diabetes therapies. The system is capable to deliver data, enabling real-time – monitoring of diabetes patients with a risk of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia events.

The proprietary system includes:

  • Innovative insulin-pen with adapter technology
  • An open platform for hardware integration
  • Application for iOS and Android devices

Cloud-based back-end portal for patients and physicians for remote monitoring of the therapy

The insulin pen is usable with all insulins and is capable of automatically measuring the insulin dose injected by the user, and transferring this data to the cloud portal.

The system also includes Android and IOS Applications providing real-time analytics to patients, caregivers, and physicians on their smart devices, and a cloud-based portal allowing caregivers to monitor the data of the patients. The system platform is also open to the simple integration of third-party hardware.

Highlights of this E-Health technology company

  • The company has developed a first-of-kind medical device for diabetes patients.
  • The company is ready for commercialization and wants to launch the product to the global market.
  • The company needs funding to cover the marketing and sales of the product.

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