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E-commerce translation company in Germany for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales of the translation company for sale: <2M EUR
  • Location of the company for sale: Germany, with global clients
  • Employees: more than 60 members on-site and off-site
  • Reason for sale: the owners are looking for a partner, who would help the drive the company to success and revenue growth
  • #CFIE TSC121

Overview of this e-commerce-oriented translation company in Germany 

This company for sale is mainly an e-commerce service provider, with translations as one of the services the company provides. The translation services are supplied mainly for the e-commerce sector, as the company is strong at helping the client companies with cross-border trade growth.

The company has recently started the process to look for a partner that can help in realizing the potential of the company. Therefore, they would be open to discussions and offers from strategic or other financial investors.

Profile of this e-commerce oriented translation company in Germany

The company for sale is not a translation company in the traditional sense, the focus is mainly to help retailers to sell products internationally through online platforms. That includes various other localization services, helping clients get more successful in the multinational expansion.

The company is investing a lot in technical development, as the company wants to be tech-oriented, offering solutions for complex localization, rather than being a translation company. The translations are all done in-house by translators who are trained to include optimization. 

The company was founded more than 10 years ago by three founders, who hold their share until today. Since the founding, the company has grown to a team of around 60 people and 20 nationalities in-house. The company also built up a team of developers and is in the process of creating a software solution which is planned to be on the market in the future.

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Activities and services of this e-commerce oriented translation company in Germany

The activities and services of this company are helping boost the clients’ domestic and international sales growth through online platforms. 

Besides translations, the company also does

  • localization
  • optimization
  • SEO
  • creating listings
  • marketplace
  • online expansion consultancy
  • multilingual email customer service

The company is looking for investors who can bring in knowledge and contacts to further develop our solutions and market them. The EBITDA/profit is below its potential levels due to investments in growth and R&D. The valuation expectation is not based on turnover and EBITDA only and would require a longer conversation.

Highlights of this translation company in Germany for sale

  • The company is innovative and investing a lot in technical development
  • The company is offering complex solutions for localization, rather than being only a translation company
  • The company presents a possibility to acquire / partner with a complex future-oriented localization company with growth potential 
  • The company has 60 staff members and offering 20+ languages

Information on this e-commerce translation company in Germany

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this translation company that is open to speaking about a sale now. Please let us know if you want to know more about this company. If you are looking for buyers of companies visit section companies wanted. In case you want to review companies active for sale, please visit the section companies for sale.

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