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e-commerce logistics system company in UK for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: >20m Euro
  • Investment amount: > 10m Euro
  • Location: UK
  • Reason for sale: owners are open to speak to an interested buyer that can add value to their company
  • #CFIE TRS110

Overview of the e-commerce logistics system company in UK for sale

The digital logistic systems  company for sale is providing an innovative technology in supply chain, e-commerce and delivery solutions to industries focused on fast moving consumer goods, including airports, dry ports, individual online shoppers  and other players of e-commerce retailer industry. The company is exceptional with its integrated emerging deep-technologies, which ensure easy access to efficient and speedy digital logistic services. The company is focused on supporting e-commerce businesses by optimizing their delivery operations in most comfortable manner.

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Profile (strategy) of the e-commerce logistics system company in UK for sale

The e-commerce logistics system company for sale was established in UK to create a sustainable transport solutions for developing the green e-commerce distribution network to deliver the goods ordered online. The e-commerce logistics system company is developing the operations through major distribution hubs located in strategic locations in central UK, which makes company’s fast pick-up and secure goods delivery service approachable in all locations of UK and rest Europe. The system can serve as well as export facility for goods destined to various countries worldwide. The e-commerce logistics system company is well adopted for online retailers as well as with loading, unloading and storage, transport infrastructure, providing easy integration possibility to its e-system for having full supply chain monitoring and order submitting tools on hand.

Activities and services of the e-commerce logistics system company in UK for sale

The logistics system company in UK is accelerating the developing the distribution network that transport the secure goods from warehouses closer to the end destination for domestic and international customers who are involved in e-commerce business. Among customers are major global retailers, well known in grocery, automotive, pharmaceutical and fashion industry companies, which are selling their goods online. Scope of this logistic systems and engineering company includes a solution for reducing the greenhouse emission, developing an e-commerce secured delivery methods for goods ordered online.

Highlights of the e-commerce logistics system company in UK for sale

  • Adopted and innovative logistic service provider for e-commerce business
  • Combining the tested technology with own newest international patented know-how
  • Providing customer oriented and flexible  solutions using revolutionary lower-carbon clean technology which requires low capital investments
  • Integrated latest IT systems and most advanced transport  management technology tools

More information on this e-commerce logistics system company in UK for sale

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this British logistics system company. For more logistics companies for sale please visit the section logistics companies for sale. Please get in touch with our experts if you are seeking to sell your business in Europe. For buyers of logistics companies please visit the section logistics companies wanted.

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