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Document management company for sale

Company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • Sales: 1 - 5m Euro
  • Location: Benelux
  • Profit: >350k Euro
  • Asking price: 4M Euro
  • Employees:  > 40
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder is looking for a strategic buyer and open to retire
  • CFIE T204


A document management service provider is looking for a strategic buyer from the documents, data management or IT industry. The company is growing well and has build very good knowledge in the areas of document management, records storage, scanning on demand and digitizing. The company can be an interesting acquisition target for a larger firm that wants to get up to date knowledge in the fields of document management, storage, scanning on demand and digitizing.

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Profile (strategy) document management company for sale

The company for sale offers services like document management and scanning of large archives. The company has a focus on the larger and medium sized part businesses of SME’s (small and medium sized business). The company focuses on outsourcing some of the tasks in the document management (like the management of incoming post and invoice recognition) for SME’s and also some larger corporations. Consultancy and detachment in the document management area are provided by the company as well.

Activities and or products

The company is active in various areas of document management. Records management and storage was one of the original activities of the documents management company for sale. The company has used this knowledge to expand into digitizing and outsourcing of tasks in the document management area. Other activities of the document management company include scanning (backlog and on demand) and the automation of postal and incoming invoicing processes. Document recognition is also part of their procedures. Storage (both electronic as well as physical) of records and archives are services the company provides as well.

Highlights documents management company for sale

The document management company for sale has various highlights of which the following are mentioned here:

  • Profound knowledge of services in the document management area
  • Good access with sales team in the Benelux (mainly Netherlands)
  • Recurring revenues of the records management activity
  • Knowledge of the most modern tools in the field of digitizing, electronic processes of documents and invoices
  • Profit growing most of the years

This opportunity can be interesting for larger IT or document management companies that want to move in the local market or want to get more experience in this field.

Information regarding company for sale

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