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Distressed debt acquisition company sale

Company (distressed debt) for sale

  • Total assets of the Distressed Debt acquisition company are 2.8 Mln Euro
  • Market cap of the Company is 1.7 Mln Euro
  • Shareholder capital of the Distressed Debt acquisition company is 350 Tsd Euro
  • Location of Distressed Debt acquisition company : Eastern Europe
  • Status: the company is planning to place a bond ( with a warrant) or do a capital increase in order to make use of the attractive investment opportunities, current market reality is offering
  • Reason for offering warrants – owners would like to attract foreign partner, who could support them not only financially, but through experience and network in order to extract maximum from the potential of this niche
  • Status: Company open to discuss with interested investors
  • #CFIE U034

Overview of the distressed debt acquisition company for sale

The distressed debt acquisition company is looking for new round of funding given the new market opportunities that arise. The distressed debt acquisition company looks for a capital increase or bond issue for further expansion. The distressed debt provider is a publicly traded entity for securitization of receivables that looks for funding to support its further expansion. Opportunities to invest in distressed debt typically arise as a result of a lowering of credit standards and the resultant unwise extension of credit, followed by the onset of economic weakness or some other igniter. The companies team members combine extensive experience in distressed bank debt with proven expertise in valuing companies and assets, negotiation and restructuring. The team benefits from an expert staff and from superior access to deal flow. The company management seeks to avoid losses through an emphasis on secured or senior debt, or an insistence on protection from underlying assets.

Profile (strategy) of the distressed debt acquisition provider for sale

The company’s investments are primarily focused on secured and unsecured debts and receivables that have arisen from:
  • Bank loans;
  • Real estate and real estate investment projects;
  • Relationships with representatives of the public sector;
  • Non-bank lending;
  • Leases;
  • Use of utilities and services - electricity, heating, fixed and mobile telephony, internet and cable TV etc.;
  • Commercial relationships - claims on trade receivables;
  • Other loans and leasing operations

Activities and products of the distressed debt acquisition provider for sale

The activities of the distressed debt acquisition company for sale can be extended enormously. The pressure for asset sales will be growing, and company expects to see EUR 1 to 2.5 billion of transactions over the next 24 months. This will be driven in no small part by the creation of either a centralized “Bad Bank or the requirement of individual banks to create separate vehicles to house their exposures to NPLs. Current estimates put the total exposure of Spanish Banks to CRE at EUR350 billion. The main sellers will be banks, particularly those that have merged, that have to deleverage because are in difficult situation and short of capital, as also foreign banks selling non-core assets.

Highlights of the distressed debt acquisition company for sale

Established various years ago, as a publicly traded company and since then acting in a limited competition environment. Some of the highlights of the distressed debt acquisition company for sale are:
  • High Quality team
  • Access to deal flow in distressed debt
  • Network of internal and external consultant
  • Public status, that could facilitate getting access to funding
  • No capital gain tax
  • The shareholders would like the strategic partner to help in the further development of the company.

Information on this the distressed debt acquisition company for sale

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