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Digital promotions company

IT or ICT business for sale

Digital promotions company for sale

  • Sales: 1,5m Euro
  • EBITDA: 250k Euro
  • Asking price: >1,5m Euro
  • The company has equity of more than 800k Euro
  • Location: Poland
  • CFIE U074
  • Reason for sale: The shareholders are looking for a sale of 50% or 100% of the company to a strategic international buyer.

Overview digital promotions company for sale

The digital promotions business for sale has developed large experience in the field of off and online printing. The company for sale is active in a wide range of print capabilities. Here one must think about scratch cards and other secure printed products. The company for sale in Poland is a leading local scratch card printing company. It can produce scratch cards in various shapes and sizes. The company owns a plant that is environmentally friendly. The Polish company for sale can work with brand managers to ensure the integrity of a brands corporate identity. The company is looking for a buyer with a similar activity that wants to expand in Poland.

Profile (strategy) digital promotions company for sale

The company’s strategy is provide various printing solutions to the local Polish market. The local management that is also a shareholder in the company is planning on running the business going forward.

Activities and or products digital promotions company for sale

  • The company offers highly unique products like bingo gambling material
  • Further products are related to brand enhancement and digital promotions
  • The company manufacturers scratch cards for probability and other games
  • The company for sale is strong in promotional cards and speciality prints

Highlights digital promotions company for sale

The company in Poland provides high quality printing products. Here are some highlights of this Polish printing company for sale:
  • Gaining an excellent reputation in the market by supporting domestic Polish big blue chip clients
  • Long term technical expertise
  • The digital promotions company for sale in Poland has further growth opportunities
  • Attractive market dynamics in Poland provide an opportunity for the business to thrive over the next 5 years

Information digital promotions company for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this digital promotions and printing company in Poland for sale. Fill out the contact form and get in touch.