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Digital health company for sale

Digital health company for sale

  • Sales: <1M EUR
  • Investment required: 2-5M EUR
  • Location of the company: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners of this distributor are looking for a strategic buyer to support further growth of the global marketing and product development
  • #CFIE TSC059

Overview of this digital health company for sale

The management of a health device manufacturer company is looking for an investor to finance further growth in exchange for a stake in the capital in the company. The company has already raised significant amounts in the first round of crowdfunding, currently, they are raising more funds from private equity investors, venture funds and similar.

Profile of this digital health company for sale 

The company for sale is a young and dynamic company, focused on a development of a new generation health device, helping people get rid of stress. The company has an already developed and patented technology and currently, they are looking for investment, which can be used for marketing and further raising awareness about the device.

A potential investor with his investment will gain:

  • High revenue growth potential
  • Patented technology and utility design
  • Stake in a progressive and innovative company

The company plans to distribute its technology through:

  • Own Website 
  • Partners Websites
  • Online Distributors
  • Distributors & Agents
  • High Street Retailers

The company has already Received significant Media coverage during its crowdfunding campaign, along with good feedback. The business plan of the company project revenue growth at tens of percent every year. Feel free t reach to us in case you want to see financial projections of this company.

The new owners can enter the company via a share acquisition or a capital increase. 

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Products and services of this digital health company for sale 

The company has developed a novel handheld biofeedback device, which is able to help its users ease stress. The device is connectible with a number of smart device apps and is able to provide clean, measurable data in a simple way. The company holds utility & design patent on the device.

The use of this device is being recommended by a majority of health professionals. Currently, the device has many users in companies, sports teams, schools, among students and professionals around the world. 

The device can be connected with educational and entertaining apps which help people manage stress. The applications are developed by the IT department of the company or by the third party by SDK. Many applications are already developed and is available on tablets and smartphones using iOS and Android operating platforms. The utility patent is granted in US, UK, France, Germany, Ireland & Netherlands.

Highlights of this digital health company for sale

  • The company has developed an innovative and patented device able to reduce its user's stress levels.
  • The company has already raised capital in the crowdfunding campaign before.
  • The company now seeks investors willing to support their business growth phase and marketing expenditures.

Information of this digital health company for sale

Please feel free to ask for more information about digital health device manufacturer in Europe looking for an investment. If this company does not match your preferences, ask for our other healthcare companies open for a sale. We know the healthcare industry. If you are looking for other healthcare businesses for sale, please visit the section healthcare companies for sale. If you are looking to sell your healthcare business or you seek investors to your business, please visit the section healthcare companies wanted.