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Dairy company Greece for sale

Dairy Processing Company in Greece for sale

  • Dairy processing company for sale revenues: small
  • Net Profit: on request
  • Location of the processing company: Greece
  • Employees of the company: a few people only
  • Asking price: 600k Euro
  • Reason for sale: Shareholders (owners) are looking to exit the industry after a decade of activity.
  • CFIE ASE002

Overview Greece dairy processing company for sale

The dairy processing company was established in 2008 and produces white (feta) cheese and cream cheese and is highly entrenched in the local market as a quality producer of the highest standards. The company collects unprocessed fresh sheep and goat milk from selected farms within a 50 mile radius with a thermo-insulated truck.

Profile (strategy) of dairy processing company for sale

The company possesses excellent practices, established deals, equipment and location to maintain high quality, exporting and distribution standards. The 650m2 (7,300m2 lot) processing plant is located adjacent to the city’s airport and has established deals with several supermarket cooperatives of over 45 member as well as over 100 independent clients of which 90% pay COD.
Currently the plant has a processing capacity of 5 tons of milk per day or the equivalent of 1.5 tons of product per day needing a staff of 3 to run smoothly.
The bulding consists from the milk reception ramp in wich there are : A vertical and a horizontal  insulated milk cooling tanks with programmed stirring of 3.300 ltr and 2000ltr capacity. Milk pump 5000ltr/hr , milk pump of 10000ltr/hr , milk filter , electronic scale for milk, milk tubes comlex ,steam tubes complex  and CIP (clean in place) system which constitutes 3 tanks (1 for water, 1 for soda & 1 for acid) .The lobby has 2 administration offices and a laboratory room and on the outside there are also 3 rooms, a steam boiler room , a refrigerator machinery room , and a chiller machine room for cold water.

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Complete list of equipment:

The production room in which there is a circuit of milk and steam tubes with provisions of in every machine.

  • A 5 tons /hr automatic (self-cleaning) milk-cream separator -clarifier.
  • A 2 tons /hr (manual cleaning) milk -cream separator.
  • A boiler -pasteurizer of 2000ltr spray ball washable
  • A boiler pasteurizer of 1000ltr spray ball washable
  • A boiler pasteurizer of 650ltr
  • A plate heat exchanger of 10000ltr/hr
  • A plate heat exchanger of 5000ltr/hr
  • 3 horizontal milk coagulation tanks of 1100ltr each
  • 1 horizontal milk coagulation tank of 1450ltr
  • 8 cheese tables on wheels with cheese molds in for 1.200kg of cheese.
  • Plastic molds for 160 kg of cheese.
  • All the necessary equipment for cheese division and unload (special tools)
  • 2 ''waiting'' horizontal open tanks for milk or whey .capacity of 1200 and 700ltr.
  • A high pressure boiler of 1000ltrs for cream cheese.
  • Recording machines for the temperature of pasteurization and refrigeration and maturation rooms.
  • A refrigeration room of 55 square meters
  • A refrigeration or maturation room of 45 square meters.
  • All the machinery is connected in the milk and steam tube circuit.
  • A steam boiler of 400kgr/hr capacity
  • A chiller machine of 3000kgr of cold water.
  • A milk insulated tank truck of 2.500ltrs (Mitsubishi Canter Fuso)
  • Milk Tanks given to farmers
  • 6 milk cooling tanks of 330ltr each
  • 1 milk cooling tank of 650ltr
  • 2 milk cooling tanks of 560ltr
  • 3 milk cooling tanks of 220ltr
  • 2 milk cooling tanks of 100ltr.

Main products and activities of dairy processing company for sale

The company’s main products and activities are related in diary industry including:

  • Purchase unprocessed milk (basic commodity) from selected local farms
  • The milk commodity is technology tested in laboratory for quantity and quality analysis
  • Pasteurizing milk processed on different temperature according to the product
  • In special premises the product is cut and packaged
  • Production of white (feta) cheese & cream cheese

Highlights of the dairy processing company for sale

The company has in depth experience in the dairy industry. The company wants to grow the business domestically and extend the production internationally in Europe. Some highlights of this dairy processing company:
  • High quality dairy products
  • Effective management system providing policies for production, controlling and packaging
  • New and modern technology equipment for pasteurizing, cooling, cutting, packaging of the products
  • Strong market entry possibility with strategic partner on European market
  • Opportunity to expand the business and develop export markets (MENA region)

Information about dairy processing company for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this diary processing company for sale. If this dairy processing company for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to check for other available businesses for sale in Greece in our section companies for sale in Greece.