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Datacenter company for sale

Datacenter company Western Europe for sale

IT or ICT business for sale

  • The sales of the company for sale are above 2M EUR annually
  • The location is Western Europe
  • The datacenter company for sale employs more than 15 people
  • #CFIE V 005
  • Reason for sale: The owner is open to listen to interested datacenter buyers as he sees scale and large infrastructure investments being an important part of the market. He is not actively looking for a sale, but if the right buyer comes along that appreciates the profile of the company there is the opportunity to do a deal together.

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Overview datacenter company for sale

The datacenter company for sale is a high quality datacenter company in Western Europe. The owner is investigating the various scenarios for the future. The datacenter provider is currently proceeding with it’s own strategy. However, given the large investments in infrastructure the owner is also open to join forces with a strategic buyer and investigate a possible sale. At the moment the owner is still working on improving the financial results of the datacenter company for sale. The sales efforts are being intensified and fairly strong revenue growth is predicted for the next years. These plans can also be developed further with a larger strategic buyer from the datacenter or hosting industry.

Profile (strategy) of datacenter company for sale

The company provides very high quality datacenter services to it’s broad customer base. The customers of the datacenter company are mostly larger SME companies that have various (international)offices. The customer spread is OK, with limited dependency on larger customers. The datacenter company provides various datacentre related services like networking (WAN) as well as cloud hosting services. The datacenters are fully privat owned by the company itself. The datacenter locations are all secured and build with fire proof material where possible. The company uses a high quality standard  from which it provides both public as well as private cloud services.

The latest datacenters are  in  process of being filled. Currently there is space available with the opportunity to install more racks. The various datacenters, owned by the company, are designed as  Twin-datacenters to realize highest uptime and are connected with redundant backbone infrastructure.

Datacenter company related services

The datacenter company for sale provides various datacenter related services. These services are listed as per the following categories:

  • Colocation of private and shared racks
  • Virtual office
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Virtualisation of servers and storage
  • Hosted telephony
  • Private and public cloud
  • Virtual server
  • Colocation services
  • Managed hosting
  • Online back-up
  • Data-network connections
  • Internetconnections
  • Other datacenter related activities
The company provides a full set of solutions for it’s customers (one stop shop for all datacenter and hosting related activities).

Highlights datacenter company for sale

  • The datacenter company for sale is located on a very interesting location in Western Europe
  • The company is a profitable business with further potential to increase the margins
  • The company operates in a market where many opportunities exist for further growth
  • The company for sale is open to discuss a sale to a strategic buyer that has sufficient resources to grow further business

Information about this datacenter company for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Western European datacenter company for sale. If this datacenter business for sale does not meet your requirements, feel free to ask for other available businesses for sale in the datacenter industry.