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Chinese Dairy Farm for sale

Chinese dairy farm looking for investors

  • Dairy farm looking an €11.5m cash injection.
  • High Internal Rate of Return on investment
  • Strategic government partnership
  • CFIE SYI 004
  • Growing worldwide demand
  • Reason for investment: Construction of feed processing, milking and breeding zones

Overview Chinese Dairy Farm for sale

This Chinese farm for sale is focused on high quality control and international standardization. The company is currently looking for investors to inject cash to facilitate the completion of: feed processing, milking and breeding zones. This Chinese farm for sale aims to benefit from economies of scale from its large production process. This dairy farm stands to gain a large share of its regional market. Strategic partnership with a government organisation will ensure that the firm has deep industry expertise and also adheres to all regulations while enjoying a streamline process with regards administration. The farm aims to use advanced technology in its production process in order to increase efficiency and ultimately profitability.

Overview of Chinese Dairy Farming process

The cattle will be located in a natural environment that provides adequate feed. Ensuring the comfort of the cattle will help ensure a higher quality final product. The process of dairy farming takes an extensive amount of knowledge. This dairy farm for sale ensures the maintenance of high international standards throughout this process. Through the pasteurization process, which involves heating the milk to very high temperatures bacteria are destroyed to ensure that the milk is safe for consumption. The organisation in which this dairy farm for sale has a partnership with has the expertise in technical research, pollution control, diary management, agriculture and distribution. Since state of the art technology is used in the production process, this Chinese dairy farm for sale can ensure its competitiveness in its market and a fast process.

Highlights of Chinese Dairy Farm for sale

This Chinese dairy farm for sale is poised to experience very beneficial economies of scale. Please see below the highlights of this investment opportunity:
  • Secured long term purchase contract with global producer
  • Located in an ideal environment for cattle
  • Working in partnership with an organisation which possess expertise in construction and logistics
  • Prised to seize a majority control in the provincial market
  • Prime quality control

Information on this Chinese Dairy Farm for sale

Please request more information about this Chinese Dairy Farm looking for investors on the Corporate Finance in Europe website. If this Chinese dairy farm for sale is not exactly the type of investment you’re are looking for then please see our website for more business for sales.