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System integrator Czech republic for sale

Company (Czech system integrator ) for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
  • Sales of the Czech system integrator for sale: >5m EUR
  • EBITDA furniture manufacturer for sale: > 0,5m EUR
  • Location system integrator: Czech Republic
  • Employees of the system integrator: > 50
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder is looking for strategic partner for further development of the company.
  • Status: Company actively for sale
  • #CFIE TNC010    

Overview of the systém intergrator czech for sale

The Czech system integrator is a stable entity that specializes in the integration of IT systems and full scale implementation of ICT solutions. The company is active in Central Eastern Europe, where it also supplies HW and IT security components. The main market is Eastern Europe. The company has also penetrated into Western Europe and mainly in the UK.
These systems are supplied to the most renowned institutions, including ministries and banks. The Czech system integrator possesses a solidly experienced team. This team is very experienced and possesses a remarkable time of experience. The company works with certified partners, while it is itself certified according to ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 27001 that provides guarantee for excellent quality and information security to its customers. This also warrants the potential investor of the stability of the company and its quality capabilities:
  • Custom development of mobile apps
  • Predesigned solutions
  • Integration with client‘s enterprise information systems

The company specializes in Enterprise Information systems SAP, Geographic information systems, Enterprise content management, Data administration, backup and processing, Card management and project management and services.
The company had a dramatic growth in the last years when it almost doubled its sales and size. The system integrator Czech is confident that by bringing in an investor this could boost its further growth.

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Profile (strategy) of system integrator Czech for sale

The system integrator is a distinguished company that is involved in the implementation of ICT projects. Above others, the company also supplies hardware and software for several applications. It also provides customized development as well as integrates client-enterprise information systems. The company is certified both according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. With these certificates the system integrator presents its future vision to become the company with the ambition to be one of the most looked-for supplier of integrated systems. The system integrator has several subsidiaries in several European countries both in Eastern and Western Europe. This diversification makes the company an interesting investment for possible buyers.
The Czech system integrator benefits from an enthusiastic team, experienced professionals with long experience. Added to the above is its wide range of certified partners.
The customer base comprises of strong stable players in the countries of operations. As the company aims high it works with the giants that includes the big energy providers as well as state municipalities. The Czech system integrator, also active in the mobile sphere, provides services to engineering and also to the telecommunication field.

Activities and products of the Czech system integrator for sale

The Czech system integrator supplies its products and services to the renowned companies in Europe. The customers includes the following:
  • big energy companies
  • finance & insurance institutions
  • telecommunication companies
  • transportation and handling companies
  • many statutory cities

As the company provides IT product and services, it is strong in systems development. The main services provided by the company are:
  • system integration
  • implementation of information technologies and systems
  • development of mobile applications
  • project management, process modelling and business consulting
  • professional technical consulting in ICT
  • technical support and maintenance

Highlights of the Czech system integrator for sale

  • The Czech system integrator situated in Czech Republic is a stable company that is active in the provision of IT services.
  • The company possesses knowhow and an experienced team of professionals with enthusiasm to work.
  • The Czech system integrator, thanks to its long term experience and the quality of services provided, supplies to the most renowned institutions in the countries of operations.
  • The company sales has dramatically grown over the past years, thanks to the customer satisfaction.
  • The shareholders would like the strategic partner to help in the further development of the company.

Information on this Czech system integrator for sale

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