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Food business for sale in Croatia

Food company for sale

Company for sale ( Meat Delicacies)

  • Sales of the Leading Producer of Genuine Istrian Meat Delicacies company for sale: 7m EUR
  • Location of the company for sale: Croatia
  • Employees of the company for sale: < 70
  • #CFIE FOS070
  • Reason for sale: due to the age of the owner and no clear successor to take over the business, he has decided to sell the business and retire.

Overview of meat products company for sale

The food business for sale was founded in 1995 with the goal of commercializing genuine Istrian delicacies. The Company’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Istria (Croatia). The Company also owns two restaurants and retail stores in Poreč and Rijeka. The Company has a total of 63 employees.

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Products of the Croatian food business for sale

The food company is a meat processing company focused on processing of fresh pork and veal meat into durable (Istrian prosciutto, pancetta, sausage, dried pork loin and dried pork neck etc.) and semi durable meat products. The Company also acts as a reseller of fresh and frozen meat.

Product portfolio consists of approximately 50 different durable and semi-durable products with main share of Istrian prosciutto, Istrian pancetta, Istrian sausage and dried pork loin. Durable products make up to 60% of historical sales revenue with prosciutto and dried ham with highest sales figures.

Production capacities are as follows (fresh meat/processed dry products): pancetta (300,000 kg/200,000kg), dried pork neck (50,000 kg/20,000 kg), prosciutto (8,000 pieces-96,000 kg/56,000 kg), sausage (45,000 kg/20,000 kg), traditional Istrian žlomprt (55,000 kg/30,000 kg), semi durable products (720,000 kg). However, management estimates that with additional investment of cca. 0.3 mil EUR facility could be fully adapted to prosciutto production providing the possibility for significant increase in prosciutto production capacities.

Highlights of Croatian producer of meat delicacies company

The Company sells its products to the largest retail chains on the Croatian market such as Konzum, Plodine, Metro, Kaufland and largest Croatian/Istrian hotel chains such as Valamar, Plava Laguna, Milenij Hoteli, Liburnija etc.

Recently the Company entered into contract with Hofer Slovenia in segment of Istrian pancetta and dried pork loin. After the test stage of cooperation there is a possibility for long term cooperation in private labels. The Company also closed negotiations with Spar and Mercator Slovenia and is in the negotiation process with Billa Europe (private label products for Slovakian and Czech market), Il Gigante Italy and distributor for over 100 locations of Delhaize and Mercator in Serbia.

Information on this Istrian food processing business for sale

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