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Croatian meat processing company for sale

Food company for sale

Company for sale (Croatian meat processing company for sale)

  • Sales of the Leading Producer of Genuine Dalmatian Prosciutto company for sale: 4m EUR
  • Location of the company for sale: Croatia
  • Employees of the company for sale: < 20
  • #CFIE FOS071
  • Reason for sale: the owner is looking for a capital increase for further stocking of raw materials; there is the possibility of partial or complete buy-out

Overview of Croatian meat processing company for sale

The company was founded in 1997 with goal of commercializing genuine Dalmatian delicacies. Even though for many years the company was focused on final maturing of partially dried Italian prosciutto it was able to, over the years, build a strong brand name in the Croatian prosciutto market. Rising demand for genuine Dalmatian prosciutto was a motivation for significant investments in production capacities. As a result of this effort the company is now recognized as the leading Dalmatian prosciutto brand.

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Activities and services of the Leading Producer of Genuine Dalmatian Prosciutto company for sale

The company is a meat processing company focused on processing of fresh pork meat into Dalmatian prosciutto, pancetta, smoked pork loin and smoked pork neck. Annual production of prosciutto in 2014, as most important product in the portfolio was 36,300 pieces, working at 36% capacity.
Prosciutto is processed from fresh pork legs for at least 12 months with only sea salt as an additive (the longer the processing time the higher the quality).

Highlights of the Leading Producer of Genuine Dalmatian Prosciutto company

The Company is present on the shelves of most important retail chains in Croatia. Konzum is the main client, which together with Plodine, Metro, Pik Vrbovec, Spar, Mercator and Studenac account for 85% of total sales. Given the long term relationship with the aforementioned clients, there is a realistic potential of further export growth through the foreign retail chains. Considering Slovenia, company sells its products in largest retail chains Spar, Mercator and Tuš. However, prosciutto sales potential is worldwide. Company has already received letter of intents from Hungary, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand but was not able to commit due to the lack of inventory funding.
Gross profit margin on Dalmatian prosciutto is 45%, while 10 months dried prosciutto produces 41% gross profit margin. With these two products anticipated to make more than 2/3 of total production, annual gross profit will increase by 52% (gross profit margin up from 23.6% to 39.2%).
Forecasted sales of the Croatian meat processing company for sale are based on prices for Croatian market, averaging 15.60 EUR/kg for Dalmatian prosciutto. There is realistic potential for price increase due to the expected growth in exports.
Rather than sales, the most important issue the company is facing with, is the financing of production process.

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