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Croatian Livestock Farming for sale

Company for sale (Croatian Livestock Farming)

  • Sales of the Livestock Farming company for sale: Potential
  • Location of the company for sale: Croatia
  • Employees of the company for sale: Not operational
  • #CFIE TZC 004
  • Reason for sale: due to a prolonged economic crisis in Croatia which resulted in the decline of revenues, the business was unable to service its debt. Consequently, the business was forced to cease its business operations. Currently only a few of the business units are operational.

Overview of Croatian Livestock Farming for sale

The owner, developed the business (Group) by investing in livestock farms to ensure raw material (beef and pork) which was then processed in meat processing facilities and ultimately sold through the Company’s butcheries.
The business activities included livestock farming, meat processing, reproduction and retail (butchery shops), however currently its activities only include livestock farming and reproduction.

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Activities and services of the Croatian Livestock Farming company for sale

The business units of the Group include:
  • Three cattle farms with overall capacity of 7,000 head of beef cattle per shift
  • Pig farm with overall capacity of 10,000 head of pigs per shift
  • Center for reproduction in sheep and goat breeding with the capacity of 5,000 head of sheep and goat per shift
  • Animal feed factory with the annual production capacity of 20,000 t/year
  • Meat processing facilities and slaughterhouses with annual meat production capacity of 2,000-3,000 t/year
  • Center for reproduction in livestock

Highlights of the Croatian Livestock Farming company

The farms and meat processing plants are in close proximity and well connected with major regional ports: Rijeka, Raša, Kopar and Trieste. The facilities are close to the capital of Zagreb and well connected by road necessary for the transport of cattle and processed meat products. The locations are suitable for exports to continental Europe and other countries by marine transport.
Croatia is a full member of the EU since July 1, 2013 and therefore export of live pigs is allowed without any restrictions to all countries within the EU. Export of live cattle is also allowed with the proof of cattle being free from enyotic bovine leucosis.
The farms have the size and capacity that provides for economies of scale thus reducing unit production costs. All the farms have above average capacity compared to similar farms in the EU and region.
All the facilities are in good condition and although most of them are currently not operational due to the Groups financial difficulties there is little or no need for additional capital investments in order to make them operational.
With all the Group’s assets a complete production process is achieved, from livestock breeding to meat processing thus making the potential acquisition far more attractive than constructing all the existing facilities from scratch. The complete production process presents a rounded and efficient business model.
Croatia has a high demand for meat as the annual consumption of meat is relatively high at 66.3 kg per capita compared to countries in the region.
A favorable price can be expected since the buyer is presented with the opportunity to purchase the physical assets rather than the businesses of the Group.
The owners are willing to stay on and assist buyer in post-transactional period.

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