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Courier Delivery Company in Europe for Sale

Company for sale

•    Sales: > 5M EUR
•    EBITDA: < 0.5M EUR
•    Location: Europe
•    #CFIE TRS114

Overview of the courier delivery company in Europe for sale

The courier delivery company for sale is specialized in postal services throughout Europe. This yang, fast growing company is modern organization with very prospective developing possibilities. Get more information about this European transportation company now.

Profile (strategy) of the courier delivery company in Europe for sale

The company is one of the fastest growing postal express delivery providers in North Europe. Through its customer oriented attitude in business strategy company’s number of deliveries is consistently increasing. The courier delivery service provider in Europe for sale use modern eco-friendly solutions in operations and over the time is implementing new digital technologies to improve overall efficiency. The company has promising capacity to grow and expand through serve even more customers. Company operate with motivated team of professionals in mass correspondence

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Activities and services of the courier delivery company in Europe for sale

The courier delivery company in Europe for sale is specialized on letters and parcels regular and express delivery, the company provides as deliveries of regular, registered, addressed marketing mails, have a innovative service of professional delivery and return of contracts, pick-ups  promotional prospects, e-commerce small packages, has a reverse logistics service. The company has high quality 24 hour online and direct customer service and provides uninterrupted monitoring possibilities of the delivery. The company operate with central, regional and field branches network and develop the mail and parcels distribution and collecting points, having flexibility to offer most suitable online delivery tracking solutions for all kind of deliveries, using a low capacity mini-vans till to walking courier. Postmen of the company are highly disciplined and trained for high quality performance and having knowledge to carry and deliver the consignments.

Highlights of the courier delivery company in Europe for sale

•    The company is specialized in fast postal services
•     Express deliveries, unaddressed mails
•    Professional contract deliveries and returns
•    Parcels delivery and reverse logistics
•    Operates own network of branches
•    Provides direct mail solutions delivery service
•    Has significant financial growth year by year
•    Serve institutions in the field of mass correspondence

More information on this courier delivery company in Europe for sale

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