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Cosmetics e-commerce shop in Europe for sale

Cosmetics e-commerce shop for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: medium
  • Revenue: < 10M EUR 
  • Profitability: > 35%
  • Location of the Cosmetics e-commerce shop: Europe
  • Employees: > 30
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking to sell the company in order to grow the business 
  • #CFIE ITS156

Overview of the Cosmetics e-commerce shop in Europe for sale

The owners of this Cosmetics e-commerce shop in Europe are looking for investors that are interested to invest in this company or to buy it. The company has a lot of potential to grow, it has reached a turnover of more than 7 M Eur and has recorder a high profitability ratio. A potential buyer could be a company that is activating in the cosmetics industry and wants to diversify the products’ range and to acquire new customers. A buyer needs to have a good connection to perfume industry or to be able to expand the marketing network and online sales across Europe. Only interested parties with a good ‘story’ will receive a reply

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Profile (strategy) of the Cosmetics e-commerce shop in Europe for sale

The company is activating in cosmetics industry and has more than 7 years of operations in this market. It has a special focus on selling top quality perfume products. The business model that makes this company successful is composed of few important aspects. The perfume material is produced in a specialized factory from where the company buys the substance. This factory produces the perfumes mostly for the company for sale. Further, the liquid is bottled by the company at the company's storage place. This business model is very profitable due to the fact that the perfume is of a high quality, but the packages are normal, without fancy stuff. This keeps the price low, since in fashion and cosmetics industry most of the price paid for products comes from packaging and brand. In the end, the offer consists in hard discounted perfumes with very good quality in economic packaging.
Another economic advantage is that the packaging, done with pumps, bottles and carton boxes, comes in small size bottles of 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml which makes the price to be more affordable. The quality and smell are original and, since the bottles are at small size, the customers can change the perfume very often. All the perfume products last longer time on the skin and the scent's identity is guaranteed due to the constitution as “eau de parfum” and not as “eau de toilette”. The factory that produces the perfumes is working in conformation with high standards of quality to demonstrate this has ISO 9001-2000 certification. 
The company started the business by selling the perfumes in multilevel marketing or in auction sale. Now the perfumes are sold through various internet shops using e-commerce platforms. It has distribution systems organized in all countries in which the company has operations. The company is one of the largest distributors of alike perfumes in Europe and has plans for expansion. The business has constant grow and this year will start to sale in other two European countries. It has a wide range of offerings and is planning to introduce new products for care and beauty in its offer. All the products have the certificate of quality, stability and sameness. The company is also proud of its employees who are now very experienced manufacturers in the market.  

Activities and services of the Cosmetics e-commerce shop in Europe for sale

The company is selling cosmetics products mostly perfumes of high quality in cheap packaging. 

Highlights of the Cosmetics e-commerce shop in Europe for sale

  • The company activates in selling cosmetics on e-commerce platform
  • The company is one of the largest distributors of alike perfumes in Europe
  • The products have high quality 
  • The owners are looking to sell in order to grow the business  

Information about this Cosmetics e-commerce shop in Europe  

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