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Cosmetics company for sale in Bulgaria

Chemicals business for sale

Manufacturer for cosmetics products

  • The sales of the business for sale are between 1 and 5M Euro
  • The location is Eastern Europe (Bulgaria)
  • The manufacturing company employs 120 people
  • Reason for sale: The company has low occupation ration (40%) and wants to increase the production with a strategic buyer. Further, the company has some debt (1M)
  • The asking price is 1.3M Euro
  • #CFIE T190

Overview cosmetic manufacturer

The company is a cosmetic factory in Bulgaria that produces detergents for home, liquid soaps, shower gels, body milks , shampoos, cosmetic creams , etc. The division they want to sell manufactures toothpaste and mouthwash. The manufacturing of toothpaste and mouthwash is carried out in an industrial building of 1130 square meters. The company has a solid construction with internal and external insulation and separate electrical power supply of 360 kilowatts. The building is supplied with water from a own source , as well as water from a water purification installation for reverse osmosis with a capacity of 3 tons per hour.

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The building meets all health requirements for the production of toothpaste and mouthwash . The production is certified by SGS and is certified GMP and BRS. In the building tow laboratories are situated - microbiological and physicochemical . The production of toothpaste has a capacity of 800,000 pieces per month with the ability to produce monochrome, bi-color and tri-color pastes in four sizes tubes. Production of mouthwash allows to produce alcoholic and non alcoholic mouthwash. We currently produce only for EU and Private Label. Occupied approximately 40% of capacity . The staff is highly qualified .The land consists of 5000 m2, three warehouses 270 m2 and two 300 m2 and the administrative building of 120 m2. The total of the industrial buildings is 1130 m2.

Profile (strategy) of cosmetics manufacturing company for sale

The business is looking for a sale to a larger strategic player to strengthen the business and grow it further. Get more information about this Cosmetics company now. The company started 25 years ago as a distributor , in partnership with world-renowned cosmetic companies with widely recognized trademarks . Four years later the company started its own production of personal care products and detergents. After years of growth, expanding markets , company policy changes , moving towards the production of own brands for a number of customers at home and abroad.

Today the company has its own factory with a total area of 19,800 square meters , the production process is carried out in the most advanced technology and equipment , and it involves 120 employees and qualified personnel. Own physico- chemical and microbiological laboratories , daily tracking performance of products, ensuring consistent quality and high performance. Responding to the needs of European customers we offer a wide variety of finished products , branded us as a result of our partnership with European companies or "Private label". The company offers complete solutions - from product development to finished cosmetic brand for those companies who want to create their own "Private label".  90% of the sales are in the European Union.

Cosmetics products

The product categories of the company for sale are:

body care - shower gels , body lotions , milks , lotions, hand creams, face creams, foot creams, nail-polish removers, hair care, shampoos, conditioners , styling gels, sun care - sunscreen creams and lotions care for him - shaving cream , aftershave balms and lotions, shower gels and shampoos, home care - detergents for dishwashing , cleaning of furniture, floors , bathroom, windows, kitchen surfaces , iron water, oral hygiene - toothpaste , mouthwash.

Highlights company for sale

The plastic Cosmetics supplier for sale has various highlights like:

  • Long existence in the Cosmetics market in Bulgaria
  • The company wants to sell the production of toothpaste and mouthwash as a separate company
  • The company has a bank loan partially paid, due another one million euros for a period of seven years.
  • Strategically located in a fast growing country with high quality production technologies
  • Opportunity to expand the production within the current factory

Information about Cosmetics company

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