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Construction plastics manufacturer in Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: <10M EUR
  • Location: European countries
  • Reason for sale: The company owners are looking to sell the share in their company to stabilize their financial situation
  • CFIE: PLS096

Overview of this construction plastics manufacturer in Europe for sale

This company is one of the leading plastic pipes manufacturing units in Europe. The owners of this Eastern-European plastics producer see potential in M&A partner and is interested to discuss with any strongly interested strategic buyer. The acquisition should be interesting for a company or buyer that needs free capacity. Feel free to contact us and we will consider if there is a fit with the company and if the acquisition would make sense.

Profile (strategy) of this construction plastics manufacturer for sale

The owners of this company have plans for selling their PVC pipes manufacturing unit located in one of the largest cities in the region with excellent port connectivity. The company owns a factory with over 14 thousand square meters of area. The maximum production capacity is 24 thousand tons of construction plastics per year. The company factory is accompanied by almost 10.000 sq. meter warehouse adjacent to the factory, which grants the company effective logistics.

The company has made a valuation of all assets, the estimated value of the company reaches almost 15M EUR. Currently, the company lacks an aggressive export team which has been the weakness during its operation. This could be an opportunity for the new owner, to boost the sales abroad by expanding the sales team beyond the borders of its base country.

The owners are looking to sell to stabilize their financial situation. The owners are open for discuss on any possibilities for outright sale, refinancing opportunity or a partner with same background which can assist in exports.

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Activities and products of this construction plastics manufacturer for sale 

The company is specialized in the manufacture of high quality and technologically advanced construction-piping systems and owns a world class manufacturing facility with modern manufacturing technology with rigorous quality control and assurance policies. The company ensures a high quality supported by multiple certificates from the top international testing and certifying bodies. The unit has good potential for its products worldwide. 

The machinery portfolio of the company comprises for example:

  • Extrusion Lines
  • Pelletizers
  • Mixer
  • Injection molding machines
  • Chillers
  • Compressors

The owners of this European plastics producer see potential in M&A partner and is interested to discuss a buyer, ideally in need of manufacturing capacity.

Highlights of this producer of this construction plastics manufacturer for sale

  • The company has a modern site with modern technologies and quality certifications
  • The company has an excellent transport ocnnection with the city port, which grants an opportunity to boost the export
  • The buyer should be a company, in need for a manufacturing capacity in relatively low-cost country

Information for the manufacturer of construction plastic products for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this plastic manufacturing company for sale in Europe.  If this plastics company for sale in does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other plastics companies for sale. We know a lot of plastic companies for sale in Europe. If you are interested in buyers of plastics companies please visit the section plastics companies wanted.

Note: CFIE only works with formal companies. We do get a lot of requests and it is difficult to follow up on all inquiries from visitors to our website. For each company, we assess the likelihood of a future transaction. We only get back to you if we see a realistic opportunity to do a future acquisition or business sale. In order to increase your chances of receiving a reply as an individual, please explain as much as possible about your personal background, strategy and fit with the target. There is also a possibility that your details will be kept on file and we will get back to you once there is an opportunity to do a transaction. CFIE can’t guarantee you will receive an answer to your request.