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Construction company Eastern Europe for sale

Construction company for sale

  • Sales of the construction company for sale: >80m Euro
  • EBITDA of the construction company for sale: >10m Euro
  • Location of the construction group: Eastern Europe
  • Employees: >1300
  • Reason for sale: Shareholder are prepared to retire
  • #CFIE TNC 004
  • Status: Owners testing the market

Overview of the construction company

The group of construction companies for sale that consists of three sister construction companies is up for sale. All three sister companies are operational in the construction field acting on a supplier-customer relationship thus offering a full service system in the whole construction process. This large sized construction company is well positioned to be able to win projects financed by the European Union where the current backlog of contracts amounts to more than 20 mil. Euro. This construction company is very well known for its focus on quality in the construction field focusing on the construction of roads, buildings, water and gas piping. Apart from Commercial buildings, the construction company also specializes in residential building construction.
The Group has had a steady revenue with a gradual growth in the last years. The company expects a continuation in the growth in the following years. With the growth of economy in Eastern Europe, the growth could be quite considerable which gives the construction group of companies a very good perspectives for the buyers. The construction group is owned by a group of shareholders who anticipates to sell 100% of stocks in all three companies.  
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Profile (strategy) of group of construction companies in Eastern Europe for sale

The construction company in Eastern Europe focuses on road, buildings and pipe construction is well situated and would like to continue its quest to work on projects financed by the European Union.. The company owns all needed facilities for their functioning, i.e.
  • a moulding plant,
  • concrete production stations,
  • asphalt mixing plants,
  • gravel pit,
  • construction and transportation fleet
  • and the much need quality control laboratories.

With the anticipated economic growth in Eastern Europe, the construction company for sale expects an interesting growth.

Activities and products (Construction Company)

The construction group of companies is active in road and pipe construction. The companies work hand in hand and work on supplier- customer base, which means that these sister-individual legal entities are self-sufficient in the construction business. The construction group of companies’ activities are:  
  • Road construction: building, refurbishing and maintaining highways, local roads and city streets, tram line modernization and landscaping works.
  • Construction of pipeline:  sewerage systems, pipe networks for water and gas.
  • Building construction: office, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.
  • Installation: sanitation, plumbing, electrical, gas and ventilation systems, heating pipe systems.

The customers of this group of construction companies are municipalities as well as developers. As the construction company’s credo is quality, the company is hired for complete work from project planning phase to project realization as well as for any repairing of current construction, especially of  roadworks. During the realization of the whole project, one of the three sister companies acts as a contractor and the remaining two companies, as subcontractors.

Highlights of the group of construction companies for sale

The group of construction companies, which comprises of 3 legal entities, is up for sale. The group is owned by the same shareholders and these shareholders is placing all companies for sale. This group of companies is active in the construction of roads, pipelines and construction of building. One of the construction companies works as the contractor with the other two serving as supplies. The group of construction companies is self-sufficient as the own all the necessary equipment needed for their work. They are also self-sufficient as they are able to realise the whole projects from project planning to project realisation. The construction company is big enough and reliable, that it can win projects financed by the European Union. A buyer that wants to expand its portfolio in Eastern Europe will benefit well by acquiring this construction company. Here are some highlights of construction company for sale:
  • Acquiring of a 100% of shares of the group of construction companies – three companies in total.
  • Capabilities to win projects financed by the EU.
  • Long term stability, long-term profitability and financial health

Information on this construction company for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this construction company that is open for a business sale. If you are interested in more companies for sale in Eastern Europe please visit our country section and pick the country of your choice where you can find companies for sale in that specific country.