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Heating company HVAC in Europe for Sale

Located: Europe
Size: Revenue >4 Million EUR 

Environmental studies company in Italy for sale

location: Italy 
revenue: <1 million EUR 

Office furniture design company in Poland for sale

located: Poland
size:  >0,5 m EUR revenue

Energy industry engineering and consultations company for sale 

location: Slovenia
Revenue:  4-7 million EUR

Testing inspection and certification company in Turkey for sale

location: Europe (EU)
revenue: >3 million EUR 

HVAC engineering

location: Bulgaria
size: Revenue approx. 0.5 - 1 million EUR

Engineering company in Slovenia for sale 

location: Slovenia
Revenue:  <1 million EUR

Specialized engineering company in Germany for sale

Location: Germany
size: >3 million EUR 

Engineering business in Europe for sale

located: Europe (EU)
size: >10 million EUR 

Efficient energy installations company in Romania for sale

located: Romania
size: Revenue approx. 500K EUR

Nuclear Engineering Company for sale in Spain

Location: Spain
Size: Revenue <  0,5M

Automation & high voltage electrical engineering and EPC, for heavy industry business in Eastern Europe for sale

#CFIE U097
Located: Eastern Europe

Metal Engineering Company Turkey for sale

located: Turkey
size: small-sized 

Automation Company Slovenia for sale

Revenue of the company for sale: 2,7m Euro
Location: Slovenia
more about this automation company in Slovenia for sale

Engineering company Germany for sale

located: Germany
size:   >8M EURO revenue
more about this German special engineering company for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Machining design, execution and maintenance company for sale

located: Romania
size:    ~ 3 m € yearly  revenue
more about this machining design, execution and maintenance company for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Manufacturer of hydraulic steering systems for boats

Location:  Hungary
Revenue size:  € 400.000
Valuation demands:  480.000 EUR
More about this Hungarian manufacturer for sale

Mobile communication system supplier for sale

#CFIE T246
located: Europe
size:    5m-10m € revenue
more about this Mobile communication system manufacturer for sale
Information Technology, Telecommunication, Security, Airports, Transportation

Solar industry - systems integrator - industry shake out survivor

located: Germany
size:    >  10m € revenue
more about this German PV Company for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Supplier to the wind and renewables industry open for a sale

#CFIE T168
located: Europe
size: > 50m € revenue
more about this supplier to the wind and renewables industry in Europe for sale