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Sportswear shops Spain for sale  

located: Spain
size: Revenue <2M EURO

Multibrand clothing distributor in the Czech Republic for sale

location: Czech Republic
size: Revenue 2-3 million EUR

Hat manufacturer in Europe for sale 

located: Southern Europe
size: Revenue 10+ million EUR

Woman fashion Company Europe for sale

Located: Europe
Revenue :> € 10m

Children's Fashion Company Spain for sale

located: Spain
size: Revenue <5m  Euro  

Clothing Manufacturer in Macedonia for sale

located: Macedonia
size:      <1M € revenue 

Fashion Label Company Slovenia for sale

located: Slovenia
size: tiny-sized 

Fashion retail company for sale in Spain

located: Spain
size:   sales 1.9 M EURO 

Fast Growing Chain of Retail Stores for Men’s Wear

located: Croatia/Slovenia/Austria/Serbia
size:       > 10m EUR revenue
more about this Retail chain for sale

Croatian Retailer and Wholesaler of Footwear for sale

#CFIE U036
located: Croatia
size:       15.7 m € revenue
more about this Croatian retailer and wholesaler of footwear for sale

Fashion Accessories distributor for sale

#CFIE U018
located: Portugal
size:      8,6 M€ revenue
more about this Wholesale Fashion Accessories distributor for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Quilts and pillows company for sale

#CFIE T191
located: Romania
size:  1 -  5m € revenue
more about this quilts and pillows business for sale in Romania