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Cold store warehouse for sale Eastern Europe

Cold Store Warehouse for sale

transportation business for sale
  • Young dynamic team
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Over 15 years of operations
  • CFIE SYI 029
  • Revenue € 1.550 million
  • EBITDA €.650 million
  • Multilingual management team
  • Reason for sale: Cold store warehouse for sale in Eastern Europe wants to sell to an investor ready to tap into the huge opportunity to increase market share.

Cold Store Warehouse Eastern Europe for sale

This Eastern European cold store warehouse company for sales has a capacity of seven cold store halls with working temperature from +10 to –30 degrees celcius with total storage capacity 8 000 pallets and 10 truck loading ramps. As a public Cold Storage company the firm’s services are orientated towards companies from the Food Industry, providing individually tailored storage. Cold storage preserves agricultural products. Refrigerated storage helps in eliminating sprouting, rotting and insect damage. As the service is quite valuable to the food industry the growth potential is enormous. To suit customer’s needs the firm has designed multi-functional and effective storage software, which ensures smooth and easy access and control to client’s goods. Clients receive real-time detailed information about their goods and their movement.

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Profile (strategy) of Eastern European Cold Store Warehousing Company for sale

This Eastern European Cold Store Warehouse for sale intends to retain its position as one of the leading companies in its region. The firm is exploring growth opportunities within the EU market. This Eastern European Company for sale seeks an international strategic partner in order to expand its market share and client base. The firm seeks a strategic partner that is prepared to provide a capital injection in order to increase capacities, implement new projects and to further expand their brand and market share.

Highlights Cold Store Warehouse for sale

The cold store warehousing company for sale has various highlights such as:

  • Good reputational history in the industry
  • Firm with strong growth prospects
  • Major player in its national market
  • High rate of investment
  • Well prepared labour force

Information about cold store warehouse for sale

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request more information on this cold store warehousing company for sale. If this cold store warehouse company for sale isn’t exactly the kind of business you are looking to invest in then feel free to browse the Corporate Finance in Europe website for more investment opportunities.