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Chemical products manufacturer in Portugal for sale


Company for sale

  • Sales: <4 million EUR
  • Valuation: the owners are open to offers
  • Location: Portugal
  • #CFIE CHS011
  • Reason for sale: The owners are open to a sale of the company to a buyer interested in specialty chemical products producer with a good market position

Overview of this chemical product manufacturer for sale

A successful Portuguese manufacturer of various chemical products is open to a strategic buyer, which would make a good fit for their company. The owners are open to talk with any investor, who prove their readiness for the acquisition and show good managerial skills. Ideally, the buyer would be from the same industry` however, it is not a condition.

Profile of this chemical products manufacturer for sale 

This company for sale is a well established small chemical manufacturer based in Portugal. This company specializes in chemical products for finishing leather, dye auxiliaries for the textile industry and chemicals for printing fabrics. The company is very well equipped with technologies and formulations to produce liquid dyes and pigments pastes.

The company has high storage capacity and its activities cover mainly dilutions, mixtures and its packing. At present, the company owns

  • 7 storage tanks of 60.000 litres capacity 
  • 3 storage tanks of 30.000 litres capacity
  • 3 storage tanks of 30.000 litres with interior serpentine 
  • 1 tank with serpentine and agitation of 60.000 litres 
  • 10 reactor blenders of 2.000 -20.000 litres capacity

The company also has a high storage capacity which could be beneficial to the new owner. Actually, the company is based in its own facilities with over 6.000 m2 area. The facilities of the company are very well equipped and include modern machinery and chemical equipment. 


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Activities and services of this chemical products manufacturer 

The company is a manufacturer of chemical products. The company is able to produce a wide range of chemicals, such as:

  • emulsions resins
  • acrylics
  • vinyls
  • pigment pastes
  • lacquers
  • binders
  • fillers
  • wax emulsions
  • silicone sealants
  • all mixtures in hot and cold
  • rubber adhesives
  • etc.

Currently, the company is specialized mainly in the manufacture of coatings and washing/disinfection products for the cork stoppers industries. The company is family-owned and managed. At present, the company is not growing, basically only because of the lack of capital to cover, keep and maintain the potential markets.

Highlights of this chemicals manufacturer 

  • This Portuguese chemical products manufacturer in a well-established company and can be of great value for buyers, willing to establish a presence in Portugal 
  • The company does not have financial for further growth, that is why the owners are looking for a larger buyer
  • This company owns a modern factory with technologies to produce liquid dyes and pigments pastes.

Information on this chemicals manufacturer in Portugal for sale 

If you are interested in similar companies please provide us your details and buy side requirements. Please let us know if you want to know more about this company. For more companies in the chemical industry open for sale, visit the section chemical companies for sale. If you want to review buyers of chemical companies, visit the section chemical companies wanted.

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