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Chemical manufacturing company

Chemical products manufacturer in Serbia for sale

Chemicals business for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are around 450k euro annually
  • The size of the chemical products manufacturer for sale is small
  • The location is Eastern Europe
  • The chemical manufacturer employs more than 10 people
  • Reason for sale: The owner is looking for a strategic buyer who wants to acquire the business and use it full large capacity.
  • CFIE MDS 0002

Overview of the chemical products manufacturer for sale

The company for sale is a chemical products manufacturing business in Eastern Europe founded eight decades ago as a producer of copper-sulphate primarily for vineyard-growing . The chemical manufacturer business are not under consolidation and restructuring process. The company has Euopean quality of installed capacity which are currently not in usage. The chemical manufacturer installed production lines consists of four production parts: Sulphates Factory, Pesticides Factory, Flotation reagents Factory and Potassium chemistry Factory and has its own lands and building incide of the broad industrial area on the strategic central location within the country market with possibility to cater for regional markets, too.
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Profile (strategy) of the chemical  manufacturer for sale

The owner of the chemical products manufacturer in Serbia is interested to sell the company or to grow together with a strong strategic buyer or investor from the industry which are able to bring new technology as well as to use its full capacity. Together they could increase the turnover and market presence of this company for sale. On a second place, the company will be considering a buyer of the land and property, plant and equipment or a several different partners interested to take over some of the strategic units. Even more, the expected growth rate of the local economy is significant and stable, and together with the qualified but low cost labour force, the chemical products manufacturer becomes an attractive business proposition for the potential buyers.

Chemical products

The company for sale produces and offers the following chemical products:
  • Inorganic salts-sulphates
  • Plant protection
  • Electrolytic products - KCl
  • Water treatment agents
  • Feed additives
  • Leather processing agents

Highlights of the chemical products manufacturing company for sale

The chemical products manufacturer for sale is an ideal target for a larger player from the industry who wants to get access to the local market and a low cost factory. Top of the highlights are:
  • company has large growth and capacity opportunities
  • only place to produce certain products (dithiocarbonate) in this part of Europe
  • can produce and satisfy the needs of both domestic and foreign markets
  • each product is competitive in the market
  • qualified but low cost labour force
  • skilled and motivated personnel

Information about the chemical manufacturer for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this chemical manufacturer for sale. If this chemical business for sale does not meet your requirements, feel free to check for other available chemical businesses for sale in our section chemical companies for sale. If this manufacturing business for sale does not meet your requirements, feel free to check for other available manufacturing businesses for sale. If you want to look for manufacturing buyers please check the page manufacturing companies wanted.