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Chemical Journal for sale

Chemical journal for sale

  • Chemical journal (publishing company) in stable stage
  • Chemical journal located in rapidly developing Eastern Europe
  • CFIE SY1 015
  • Highly analytical approach
  • Top and middle manager client base

Overview chemical journal for sale

This chemical journal for sale is located in the rapidly emerging market of Eastern Europe. This chemical journal for sale has been in operation for over several years and has an envious market base. The firm’s use of highly analytical material shows its determination to maintain a high standard in all of its publications.  The chemical journal enjoys a well experienced work force.  The team pride themselves on efficient operation of the publishing distribution process. This chemical journal for sale supplies many top customers such as high ranking and mid-level managers. The publisher's customer base also includes heads of chemical enterprises and major vendors. All of the firm’s accounts are handled by certified accountants to ensure that all the chemical publisher's accounts are transparent and reliable.

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Profile (strategy) of chemical journal and publisher for sale

The owner of this chemical publishing company for sale is seeking an investor who is interested in owning the business. The chemical publisher for sale operates relatively independently without the need for day to day monitoring. In its production process the firm uses state of the art technology. The firm places a special emphasis  on chemical innovative activities: introduction of advanced technologies, presentation of new products, production automation and management system integration issues. The publication is focused on covering macroeconomic trends in the chemical industry. Using its direct connections with European news agencies and companies, the magazine publishes exclusive price and market information related to major foreign partners of European manufacturers and new players in the chemical market.

Highlights chemical journal for sale

The chemical journal for sale has various highlights like:

  • Customer advertisement translations
  • Vector and composite graphics used
  • Volume discount process for chemical publishing company for sale
  • Continuous process optimization
  • State of the art production facilities

Information about chemical journal and publishing house for sale

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request more information on this chemical journal for sale. If this chemical journal business for sale isn’t exactly the kind of business you are looking to invest in then feel free to browse the Corporate Finance in Europe website for more investment opportunities. For chemical companies for sale please visit the page chemical companies for sale